Tools for High Performance Computing 2018 / 2019

Tools for High Performance Computing 2018 / 2019
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    Tools for High Performance Computing 2018 / 2019
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    Hartmut Mix, Christoph Niethammer, Huan Zhou, Wolfgang E. Nagel, Michael M. Resch
  • Edition:
    1st ed. 2021 edition
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    May 23, 2021
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    278 pages
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Book Description
This book presents the proceedings of the 12th International Parallel Tools Workshop, held in Stuttgart, Germany, during September 17-18, 2018, and of the 13th International Parallel Tools Workshop, held in Dresden, Germany, during September 2-3, 2019. The workshops are a forum to discuss the latest advances in parallel tools for high-performance computing. 
High-performance computing plays an increasingly important role for numerical simulation and modeling in academic and industrial research. At the same time, using large-scale parallel systems efficiently is becoming more difficult. A number of tools addressing parallel program development and analysis has emerged from the high-performance computing community over the last decade, and what may have started as a collection of a small helper scripts has now matured into production-grade frameworks. Powerful user interfaces and an extensive body of documentation together create a user-friendly environment for parallel tools.


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