Multi-Site Network and Security Services with NSX-T

Multi-Site Network and Security Services with NSX-T
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    Multi-Site Network and Security Services with NSX-T: Implement Network Security, Stateful Services, and Operations
  • Author:
    Iwan Hoogendoorn
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    1 edition
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    June 9, 2021
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    353 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Know the basics of network security services and other stateful services such as NAT, gateway and distributed firewalls (L2-L7), virtual private networks (VPN), load balancing (LB), and IP address management. This book covers these network and security services and how NSX-T also offers integration and interoperability with various other products that are not only created by VMware, but are also referred by VMware as third-party integrated vendors.

With the integration of VMware vRealize Automation, you can automate full application platforms consisting of multiple virtual machines with network and security services orchestrated and fully automated.
From the operational perspective, this book provides best practices on how to configure logging, notification, and monitoring features and teaches you how to get the required visibility of not only your NSX-T platform but also your NSX-T-enabled network infrastructure.
Another key part of this book is the explanation of multi-site capabilities and how network and security services can be offered across multiple on-premises locations with a single management pane. Interface with public cloud services also is included. The current position of NSX-T operation in on-premises private clouds and the position and integration with off-premises public clouds are covered as well.
This book provides a good understanding of integrations with other software to bring the best out of NSX-T and offer even more features and capabilities.

What You Will Learn
  • Understand the NSX-T security firewall and advanced security
  • Become familiar with NAT, DNS, DHCP, and load balancing features
  • Monitor your NSX-T environment
  • Be aware of NSX-T authentication and authorization possibilities
  • Understand integration with cloud automation platforms
  • Know what multi-cloud integrations are possible and how to integrate NSX-T with the public cloud
Who This Book Is For
Virtualization administrators, system integrators


Chapter 1: NSX-T Security and Firewalls
Chapter 2: NSX-T Advanced Security
Chapter 3: NSX-T Service Insertion
Chapter 4: NSX-T NAT, DHCP, and DNS Services
Chapter 5: NSX-T Load Balancing
Chapter 6: NSX-T VPN
Chapter 7: NSX Intelligence, NSX-T Alarms/Events, and Network Visualizations
Chapter 8: Authentication and Authorization
Chapter 9: NSX-T Federation
Chapter 10: Public Cloud Integration
Chapter 11: Cloud Management Platform Integration and Automation

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