Cord Cutting For Dummies

Cord Cutting For Dummies

Book Description
Cut the cable television cord and cut your monthly bills
Are you one of those people who have 500 television channels to choose from and you can never find anything to watch? Maybe it’s time to cut the cable cord and take full control of what’s on your television. All you need to get started with this popular money saving strategy is an Internet connection, a device to stream to, and the advice in this book.
With Cord Cutting For Dummies, you go from evaluating if cord cutting is the right choice for your budget to acquiring the technology to get the programming you actually want. You’ll discover the technology you need for streaming, select the service or services that fit your needs, and make the components of your setup work together―all within your budget. Cord Cutting For Dummies offers the steps to going from wired to wireless, including:
  • Deciding if you need to upgrade your Wi-Fi equipment and service.
  • Evaluating your current devices.
  • Adding a smart TV to the mix.
  • Choosing the best streaming services for you―including some free options
When you’re ready to untether yourself from the cable or satellite, Cord Cutting For Dummies shows you, step by step, how to break free. Pick up a copy and you’ll be watching your favorite movie or TV show in no time!


Part 1: Some Cord-Cutting Basics
Chapter 1: Why Cut the Cord?
Chapter 2: Snip, Snip. Your 7-Step Plan to Going Cord-Free

Part 2: Cord Cutting Made Easy with Over-the-Air TV
Chapter 3: Understanding Over-the-Air TV
Chapter 4: Choosing and Setting Up OTA Hardware
Chapter 5: Watching Over-the-Air and Live TV

Part 3: Cable-Free Viewing with Streaming Services
Chapter 6: The Hardware You Need for Streaming
Chapter 7: Getting Your Internet Access Ready for Streaming
Chapter 8: Checking Out Free Streaming Services
Chapter 9: Checking Out Paid Streaming Services

Part 4: The Part of Tens
Chapter 10: Ten Ways to Save Money in a Cord-Free World
Chapter 11: Ten Tips for Troubleshooting Streaming Woes

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