Getting It Right When It Matters Most: Self-leadership for Work and Life

Getting It Right When It Matters Most: Self-leadership for Work and Life
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    Getting It Right When It Matters Most: Self-leadership for Work and Life
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    Tony Gambill, Scott Carbonara
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    March 12, 2021
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    150 pages
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Book Description
Learn to get it right in your moments that matter--when the situation is complex and relational--and stakes are high.
You've likely encountered difficult conversations and events you weren't prepared for, when you felt--
Threatened by charged emotions, change, or uncertainty
Paralyzed by fear of saying (or doing) the wrong thing (again)
Defeated by a relationship that seemed damaged beyond repair
Confident of the results you wanted, but unclear how to get them
Stalled in progress with others due to differing styles and perspectives.
In an ever-changing environment, stop defaulting to reactions that hijack success. As diverse ideologies and approaches collide, learn a self-leadership framework to resolve conflict and achieve the right results--in business and life.
Getting It Right When It Matters Most introduces research-backed insight and a simple model for your most complex and important situations. Apply self-awareness, learning agility, and emotional intelligence through the Self, Outlook, Action, and Reflection (S.O.A.R.) cycle. Discover:
Skills to express your best Self
Mindfulness practices to slow reactions, clear unconscious bias, and reset your Outlook
Actions in high-stakes conversations to align goals and intentions
Reflection techniques to calibrate for future success.
Learn the holistic formula for getting it right. Whether your goal is to change the course of a business outcome, solve a complex problem involving others, or navigate a relationship with more clarity and productivity, Getting It Right When It Matters Most makes accessible the fewest, most important skills to SOAR.


Chapter 1. Getting It Right

Part I - Self
Chapter 2. Me, Myself, and I
Chapter 3. Activating Your Best Self

Part II - Outlook
Chapter 4. Sharpening Your Outlook against Misperceptions
Chapter 5. Minimizing Threats and Maximizing Rewards
Chapter 6. Mindfulness in the Moment
Chapter 7. Choosing Your Best Outlook for Action

Part III - Action
Chapter 8. Taking Action in Your Moments That Matter
Chapter 9. Asking Quality Questions
Chapter 10. Four Steps for Successful High-Stakes Conversations
Chapter 11. Managing Negative Reactions in Your High-Stakes Conversations

Part IV - Reflection
Chapter 12. Practice Reflection
Chapter 13. Pulling It All Together for Productive Moments That Matter
Chapter 14. “But It Didn’t Work!” Read on

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