Network Know-How: An Essential Guide for the Accidental Admin

Network Know-How: An Essential Guide for the Accidental Admin

Book Description
Are the machines in your office living isolated lives? Do you have a few computers at home that you want to connect to each other and the Internet? The best way to share files on a group of computers is to create a network. But how do you do that?
Network Know-How is your guide to connecting your machines, filled with practical advice that will show you how to get things done. You'll learn the nitty-gritty of network setup, design, and maintenance, from running cables and placing wireless access points to configuring file sharing and printing. This practical and comprehensive guide will teach you how to implement security, create intranets, and more. You'll learn how to:
  • Connect Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers
  • Implement network addressing
  • Configure your network adapters, hubs, switches, and router
  • Share music, photos, and documents
  • Automate household appliances and stream digital audio and video to your home entertainment center
  • Troubleshoot network slowdowns and failures
No matter which operating system you use, and even if you've never installed or run a network before, you'll get what you need to know in Network Know-How.


Chapter 1: How a Network Will Improve Your Life
Chapter 2: Types of Network Connections
Chapter 3: Hubs, Switches, and Routers
Chapter 4: How Computer Networks Are Organized
Chapter 5: Designing Your Network
Chapter 6: Installing the Network Control Center and Ethernet Cables
Chapter 7: Ethernet Network Interfaces
Chapter 8: Wi-Fi Networks
Chapter 9: File Servers
Chapter 10: Connecting Your Network to the Internet
Chapter 11: Connecting Your Computer to a Network
Chapter 12: Sharing Files Through Your Network
Chapter 13: Network Security
Chapter 14: Printers and Other Devices on Your Network
Chapter 15: Other Things You Can Connect to Your Network: Audio, Video, Home Entertainment, and Beyond
Chapter 16: Other Network Applications
Chapter 17: Troubleshooting

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