Object-Oriented PHP: Concepts, Techniques, and Code

Object-Oriented PHP: Concepts, Techniques, and Code
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    Object-Oriented PHP: Concepts, Techniques, and Code
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    Peter Lavin
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    1 edition
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    June 20, 2006
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    216 pages
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Book Description
Object-Oriented PHP shows developers how to take advantage of the new object-oriented features of PHP. Working within the context of concrete examples, the book begins with code compatible with PHP 4 and 5, and then focuses on object-orientation in PHP 5. The author's practical approach uses numerous code examples, which will help developers get up to speed with object oriented PHP quickly, and show them how to apply what they learn to everyday situations. All code samples are available for download on the book's companion site.


Chapter 1: What a Tangled Web We Weave
Chapter 2: Basics of Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 3: Object-Oriented Features New to PHP 5
Chapter 4: Show a Little Class
Chapter 5: Mod UR Class
Chapter 6: The ThumbnailImage Class
Chapter 7: Building the PageNavigator Class
Chapter 8: Using the PageNavigator Class
Chapter 9: Database Classes
Chapter 10: Improvement Through Inheritance
Chapter 11: Advanced Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Chapter 12: Keeping It Fresh
Chapter 13: More Magic Methods
Chapter 14: Creating Documentation Using the Reflection Classes
Chapter 15: Extending SQLite
Chapter 16: Using PDO

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