Pointers in C Programming

Pointers in C Programming

Book Description
Gain a better understanding of pointers, from the basics of how pointers function at the machine level, to using them for a variety of common and advanced scenarios. This short contemporary guide book on pointers in C programming provides a resource for professionals and advanced students needing in-depth hands-on coverage of pointer basics and advanced features. It includes the latest versions of the C language, C20, C17, and C14.  
You’ll see how pointers are used to provide vital C features, such as strings, arrays, higher-order functions and polymorphic data structures. Along the way, you’ll cover how pointers can optimize a program to run faster or use less memory than it would otherwise.
There are plenty of code examples in the book to emulate and adapt to meet your specific needs.

What You Will Learn
  • Work effectively with pointers in your C programming
  • Learn how to effectively manage dynamic memory
  • Program with strings and arrays
  • Create recursive data structures
  • Implement function pointers
Who This Book Is For 
Intermediate to advanced level professional programmers, software developers, and advanced students or researchers. Prior experience with C programming is expected. 


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Memory, Objects, and Addresses
Chapter 3: Pointers
Chapter 4: Pointers and Types
Chapter 5: Arrays
Chapter 6: Working with Arrays
Chapter 7: Strings
Chapter 8: Substrings Through Ranges
Chapter 9: Dynamic Memory Management
Chapter 10: Generic Dynamic Arrays
Chapter 11: Linked Lists
Chapter 12: Search Trees
Chapter 13: Function Pointers
Chapter 14: Generic Lists and Trees
Chapter 15: Reference Counting Garbage Collection
Chapter 16: Allocation Pools
Chapter 17: Conclusions

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