AI and IoT-Based Intelligent Automation in Robotics

AI and IoT-Based Intelligent Automation in Robotics
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    AI and IoT-Based Intelligent Automation in Robotics
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    Ashutosh Kumar Dubey, Abhishek Kumar, S. Rakesh Kumar, N. Gayathri, Prasenjit Das
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    1 edition
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    April 13, 2021
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    432 pages
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Book Description
The 24 chapters in this book provides a deep overview of robotics and the application of AI and IoT in robotics. It contains the exploration of AI and IoT based intelligent automation in robotics. The various algorithms and frameworks for robotics based on AI and IoT are presented, analyzed, and discussed. This book also provides insights on application of robotics in education, healthcare, defense and many other fields which utilize IoT and AI. It also introduces the idea of smart cities using robotics.


1. Introduction to Robotics
2. Techniques in Robotics for Automation Using AI and IoT
3. Robotics, AI and IoT in the Defense Sector
4. Robotics, AI and IoT in Medical and Healthcare Applications
5. Towards Analyzing Skill Transfer to Robots Based on Semantically Represented Activities of Humans
6. Healthcare Robots Enabled with IoT and Artificial Intelligence for Elderly Patients
7. Robotics, AI, and the IoT in Defense Systems
8. Techniques of Robotics for Automation Using AI and the IoT
9. An Artificial Intelligence-Based Smart Task Responder: Android Robot for Human Instruction Using LSTM Technique
10. AI, IoT and Robotics in the Medical and Healthcare Field
11. Real-Time Mild and Moderate COVID-19 Human Body Temperature Detection Using Artificial Intelligence
12. Drones in Smart Cities
13. UAVs in Agriculture
14. Semi-Automated Parking System Using DSDV and RFID
15. Survey of Various Technologies Involved in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
16. Smart Wheelchair
17. Defaulter List Using Facial Recognition
18. Visitor/Intruder Monitoring System Using Machine Learning
19. Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Air Pollution Monitoring System
20. A Novel Approach Towards Audio Watermarking Using FFT and CORDIC-Based QR Decomposition
21. Performance of DC-Biased Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing in Visible Light Communication
22. Microcontroller-Based Variable Rate Syringe Pump for Microfluidic Application
23. Analysis of Emotion in Speech Signal Processing and Rejection of Noise Using HMM
24. Securing Cloud Data by Using Blend Cryptography with AWS Services

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