Bollywood For Dummies

Bollywood For Dummies
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    Bollywood For Dummies
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    Maaz Ali, Maaz Khan, Anum Hussain
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    1 edition
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    April 27, 2021
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    336 pages
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Book Description
Take the trip of a lifetime into the past and present of Bollywood
Fascinated by the high energy, high emotion, high color, endless dance routines, and sheer scale of Bollywood―but afraid you'll never really know your Ghazals from your Qawwalis, or your Khans from your Kapoors? Well, in the immortal line from the Hindi-language blockbuster Sultan, "No one can defeat you unless you accept defeat yourself," and there's no need to be defeated at all when you can sit back with Bollywood For Dummies and immerse yourself in the glamorous whirl of one of the most exciting movie industries on Earth. Starting with the time-travel adventure of the book’s main feature―the history of the Hindi-speaking industry from people and events of early to mid 20th century Mumbai―you'll also journey in space, taking fascinating documentary side trips to get to know Tollywood’s Telegu-language cinema in southern India, as well as the growing influence of Lollywood across the border in Pakistan.
Written by the cohosts of Desi Standard Time, a podcast that explores Bollywood and South Asian movies and media, you'll see how the unique cinema culture of Bollywood in particular has become a global phenomenon, reflecting the rise of India as an independent nation and presenting its long history―and it’s exciting and multifaceted present―in new, influential, and enduring forms. Whatever you paid the price of entry for: the popular Bollywood "Masala" movie style that emphasizes music, comedy, romance, and action; sensitive critiques of a fast-changing society by the Indian Social Realism movement; new forms of music from Indian disco to Sufi boogie; or a look at the lives and talents of the great acting dynasties―it's all here. And there'll still be plenty more plot twists beyond these to surprise and delight you.
  • Get to know the people who built Bollywood
  • Discover the main music and dance styles
  • Explore and recognize Bollywood’s influence on Western cinema
  • Go social and join up with the liveliest Bollywood fan communities
You're right to be excited: for newbies a whole new world awaits, and for aficionados, there's always so much more to know. So, sit back with this book, grab some popcorn or a plate of samosas―or why not both―and prepare to begin an electric feast to sizzle all your senses.


Part 1: Getting Started with Bollywood
CHAPTER 1: Introducing Bollywood
CHAPTER 2: Focusing on Family Over Everything Else

Part 2: Bollywood through the Years
CHAPTER 3: Looking at the Golden Age, from the 1940s to the 1960s
CHAPTER 4: Spotlighting Classical Bollywood in the 1970s and 1980s
CHAPTER 5: Going Contemporary: Bollywood in the 1990s and Early 2000s
CHAPTER 6: Good As New: Bollywood from the Mid-2000s to the Present Day

Part 3: The Sound of (Bollywood) Music
CHAPTER 7: Not a Sprint, but a (Musical) Marathon
CHAPTER 8: Getting Funky with Disco
CHAPTER 9: Feeding the Soul: Bollywood’s Music Origins and Soul Music
CHAPTER 10: Mixing It Up with Other Musical Genres: Pop, Rock, and Rap
CHAPTER 11: Noticing Folk Music In and Out of Bollywood
CHAPTER 12: Painting the Town, Bollywood Style

Part 4: Bollywood Goes Global
CHAPTER 13: Leading Box Office Revenue Worldwide
CHAPTER 14: Bollywood Fans Grow in the Masses
CHAPTER 15: Grabbing Trophies: The Award Shows

Part 5: From Neighboring Industries to the Diaspora
CHAPTER 16: Taking From and Giving To Lollywood
CHAPTER 17: Examining South India’s Bollywood
CHAPTER 18: Reaching Hollywood: Bollywood’s Impact

Part 6: The Parts of Tens
CHAPTER 19: Ten Movies to Watch If You’re New to Bollywood
CHAPTER 20: Ten Must-Watch Shah Rukh Khan Films
CHAPTER 21: Ten Bollywood Actors Who Transitioned to Hollywood

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