Nutrition For Dummies

Nutrition For Dummies
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    Nutrition For Dummies
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    Carol Ann Rinzler
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    7 edition
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    May 4, 2021
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    432 pages
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Book Description
Updated with the latest available research and the new 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines
It's a scientific fact: You really are what you eat. Good nutrition is your meal-ticket to staying sleek, healthy, and strong―both physically and mentally. Nutrition For Dummies, 7th Edition is a complete guide that shows you how to maintain a healthy weight, promote health, and prevent chronic disease. This book gives you the know-how to put together a shopping list, prepare healthy foods, and easily cut calories.  Along the way, there's up-to-the-minute  guidance for building a nutritious diet at every stage of life from toddler time to your Golden Years.  Enjoy! 


Part 1: Nutrition 101: The Basic Facts about Nutrition
CHAPTER 1: Nutrition Equals Life: Knowing What to Eat to Get What You Need
CHAPTER 2: Digestion: The 24/7 Food Factory
CHAPTER 3: How Much Nutrition Do You Need?
CHAPTER 4: Bigger But Not Better
CHAPTER 5: Calories: Powering Up the Body

Part 2: The Good Stuff in Your Food
CHAPTER 6: Protein Power
CHAPTER 7: Facing Facts on Fat and Cholesterol
CHAPTER 8: Carbohydrates: A Complex Story
CHAPTER 9: Alcohol: Another Form of Grape and Grain
CHAPTER 10: Validating Vitamins
CHAPTER 11: Making Mineral Magic
CHAPTER 12: The Wonder of Water
CHAPTER 13: Added Attractions: Supplements

Part 3: Hunger, Health, and Habits
CHAPTER 14: Why You Eat When You Eat
CHAPTER 15: Why You Like the Foods You Like
CHAPTER 16: Building Your New and Improved Healthful Diet
CHAPTER 17: Choosing Wisely with Pyramids, Plates, and Patterns
CHAPTER 18: Eating Smart When Eating Out

Part 4: Food Processing
CHAPTER 19: Praising Food Processing
CHAPTER 20: Healthful and Delicious Heat
CHAPTER 21: How Freezing, Canning, Drying, and Zapping Protect Your Food
CHAPTER 22: Better Eating through Chemistry

Part 5: Food and Medicine
CHAPTER 23: When Food Fights Back
CHAPTER 24: Brain Food
CHAPTER 25: Food and Drug Interactions
CHAPTER 26: Using Food as Medicine

Part 6: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 27: Ten Reliable Food and Nutrition Websites
CHAPTER 28: Ten Northern Nutrition Rules
CHAPTER 29: Ten Superstar Foods
CHAPTER 30: Ten Ways Coffee (and Tea) Make Life Better
CHAPTER 31: Ten Terrific Foods Starting with the Letter P

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