Networking All-in-One For Dummies

Networking All-in-One For Dummies

Book Description
Your ultimate one-stop networking reference  
Designed to replace that groaning shelf-load of dull networking books you’d otherwise have to buy and house, Networking All-in-One For Dummies covers all the basic and not-so-basic information you need to get a network up and running. It also helps you keep it running as it grows more complicated, develops bugs, and encounters all the fun sorts of trouble you expect from a complex system. Ideal both as a starter for newbie administrators and as a handy quick reference for pros, this book is built for speed, allowing you to get past all the basics―like installing and configuring hardware and software, planning your network design, and managing cloud services―so you can get on with what your network is actually intended to do.  
In a friendly, jargon-free style, Doug Lowe―an experienced IT Director and prolific tech author―covers the essential, up-to-date information for networking in systems such as Linux and Windows 10 and clues you in on best practices for security, mobile, and more. Each of the nine minibooks demystifies the basics of one key area of network management.   
  • Plan and administrate your network 
  • Implement virtualization 
  • Get your head around networking in the Cloud 
  • Lock down your security protocols  
The best thing about this book? You don’t have to read it all at once to get things done; once you’ve solved the specific issue at hand, you can put it down again and get on with your life. And the next time you need it, it’ll have you covered.


Book 1: Getting Started with Networking
CHAPTER 1: Welcome to Networking
CHAPTER 2: Network Infrastructure
CHAPTER 3: Switches, Routers, and VLANs
CHAPTER 4: Cybersecurity
CHAPTER 5: Servers and Virtualization
CHAPTER 6: Cloud Computing

Book 2: Understanding Network Protocols
CHAPTER 1: Network Protocols and Standards
CHAPTER 2: TCP/IP and the Internet
CHAPTER 3: IP Addresses
CHAPTER 4: Routing
CHAPTER 7: TCP/IP Tools and Commands

Book 3: Planning a Network
CHAPTER 1: Local Area Networks
CHAPTER 2: Wide Area Networks
CHAPTER 3: Server Architecture
CHAPTER 4: Virtualization Architecture
CHAPTER 5: Storage Architecture
CHAPTER 6: Backup Architecture
CHAPTER 7: Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Book 4: Implementing a Network
CHAPTER 1: Network Hardware
CHAPTER 2: Wireless Networks
CHAPTER 3: Windows Clients
CHAPTER 4: Mac Networking
CHAPTER 5: Network Printers
CHAPTER 6: Virtual Private Networks

Book 5: Implementing Virtualization
CHAPTER 1: Hyper-V
CHAPTER 3: Azure
CHAPTER 4: Amazon Web Services
CHAPTER 5: Desktop Virtualization

Book 6: Implementing Windows Server 2019
CHAPTER 1: Installing Windows Server 2019
CHAPTER 2: Configuring Windows Server 2019
CHAPTER 3: Configuring Active Directory
CHAPTER 4: Configuring User Accounts
CHAPTER 5: Configuring a File Server
CHAPTER 6: Using Group Policy
CHAPTER 7: Typing Windows Commands
CHAPTER 8: Using PowerShell

Book 7: Administering Microsoft Office 365
CHAPTER 1: Getting Started with Office 365 Administration
CHAPTER 2: Configuring Exchange Online
CHAPTER 3: Administering Teams

Book 8: Implementing Linux
CHAPTER 1: Installing a Linux Server
CHAPTER 2: Linux Administration
CHAPTER 3: Basic Linux Network Configuration
CHAPTER 4: Running DHCP and DNS
CHAPTER 5: Doing the Samba Dance
CHAPTER 6: Running Apache
CHAPTER 7: Running Postfix
CHAPTER 8: Linux Commands

Book 9: Managing a Network
CHAPTER 1: Welcome to Network Administration
CHAPTER 2: Managing Remotely
CHAPTER 3: Managing Network Assets
CHAPTER 4: Solving Network Problems
CHAPTER 5: Managing Software Deployment
CHAPTER 6: Managing Mobile Devices

Book 10: Dealing with Cybersecurity
CHAPTER 1: Securing Your Users
CHAPTER 2: Managing Firewalls and Virus Protection
CHAPTER 3: Dealing with Spam
CHAPTER 4: Managing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

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