Accelerated VB 2008

Accelerated VB 2008

Book Description
Accelerated VB 9.0 is the fastest path to VB mastery. All VB programmers need to know and understand how VB really works but very few books address this. No other book covers the topic in the depth that this book does. It teaches both core VB language concepts and how to use them in high-performance code. All programmers moving to VB from any language or moving up to VB 9.0 from VB 2005 will find this book well worth buying, reading, and using as a reference.


CHAPTER 1. VB 2008 Overview
CHAPTER 2. VB 2008 Syntax
CHAPTER 3. Classes and Structures
CHAPTER 4. Methods, Properties, and Fields
CHAPTER 5. VB 2008 and the CLR
CHAPTER 6. Interfaces
CHAPTER 7. Operator Overloading
CHAPTER 8. Exception Handling
CHAPTER 9. Working with Strings
CHAPTER 10. Arrays and Collections
CHAPTER 11. Delegates and Events
CHAPTER 12. Generics
CHAPTER 13. Threading
CHAPTER 14. VB 2008 Best Practices
CHAPTER 15. LINQ with VB 2008

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