Revolutionary Applications of Blockchain-Enabled Privacy and Access Control

Revolutionary Applications of Blockchain-Enabled Privacy and Access Control
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    Revolutionary Applications of Blockchain-Enabled Privacy and Access Control
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    Surjit Singh, Anca Delia Jurcut
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    1 edition
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    April 16, 2021
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    297 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
The security of an organizational information system with the invention of next-generation technologies is a prime focus these days. The industries and institutions in the field of computing and communication, especially in internet of things, cloud computing, mobile networks, next-generation networks, the energy market, banking sector, government sector, and many more, are primarily focused on these security and privacy issues. Blockchain is a new technology that has changed the scenario when it comes to addressing security concerns and resolving traditional safety issues. These industries have started developing applications based on the blockchain underlying platform to tap into this unlimited potential. Blockchain technologies have a great future, but there are still many challenges and issues to resolve for optimal design and utilization of the technology.
Revolutionary Applications of Blockchain-Enabled Privacy and Access Control focuses on the recent challenges, design, and issues in the field of blockchain technologies-enabled privacy and advanced security practices in computing and communication. This book provides the latest research findings, solutions, and relevant theoretical frameworks in blockchain technologies, information security, and privacy in computing and communication. While highlighting the technology itself along with its applications and future outlook, this book is ideal for IT specialists, security analysts, cybersecurity professionals, researchers, academicians, students, scientists, and IT sector industry practitioners looking for research exposure and new ideas in the field of blockchain.


Chapter 1. Blockchain Advances and Security Practices in WSN, CRN, SDN, Opportunistic Mobile Networks, Delay Tolerant Networks
Chapter 2. Towards Utilizing Blockchain for Countering Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)
Chapter 3. BLOFF: A Blockchain-Based Forensic Model in IoT
Chapter 4. Forensic Investigation-Based Framework for SDN Using Blockchain
Chapter 5. The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative: Identity, Members, Technologies, and Future Trends
Chapter 6. Revolutionizing the Stock Market With Blockchain
Chapter 7. Blockchain-Based Food Supply Chain Management
Chapter 8. Blockchain and PUF-Based Secure Transaction Procedure for Bitcoin
Chapter 9. Blockchain Revolution: Adaptability in Business World and Challenges in Implementation
Chapter 10. A Reliable Hybrid Blockchain-Based Authentication System for IoT Network
Chapter 11. The Detection of SQL Injection on Blockchain-Based Database

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