Well-Being Design and Frameworks for Interior Space

Well-Being Design and Frameworks for Interior Space
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    Well-Being Design and Frameworks for Interior Space
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    Valeria Minucciani, Nilüfer Saglar Onay
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    1 edition
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    June 26, 2020
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    292 pages
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Book Description
Planners, architects, and designers can have a great impact on living environments and well-being. Well-being is a natural outcome of natural living, but it is important to realize that a real and comprehensive understanding of well-being can only be achieved through the continuity of the concept to all environmental scales starting from the biosphere and leading towards interiors. Since interior space is one of the most important determinants of our everyday experiences, its role in well-being as a conscious construct needs to be the most important concern of spatial design.
Well-Being Design and Frameworks for Interior Space is a pivotal reference source that proposes a framework including different dimensions of well-being and that discusses the importance of each dimension through the examination of past and present living environments in an attempt to figure out the appropriate ways of thinking, living, and building that can lead to healthier environments and happier people. Factors discussed throughout the book include the history of the concept of living well, the evolution of well-being with age, the requirements that affect well-being, the potentials of certain design approaches for well-being, the existing environments (such as vernacular structures, heritage buildings) with specific advantages for well-being, changes in well-being requirements, interior environments with different functions (such as schools and home environments), and the intersections of interior design with other design disciplines. This book is ideally designed for architects, interior designers, planners, engineers, administrators, policymakers, researchers, academicians, and students.


Chapter 1. The Well-Being Concept: Human and Space
Chapter 2. A Short History of Well-Being in Interiors
Chapter 3. Well-Being in Practice and Policy
Chapter 4. Different Design Approaches for Well-Being
Chapter 5. A Framework for Well-Being in Interiors
Chapter 6. Well-Being and the Effect of Age in Interiors
Chapter 7. Well-Being and Home Environments
Chapter 8. Well-Being and School Life
Chapter 9. Cultural Components of Well-Being and Vernacular Examples
Chapter 10. Cultural Heritage and Adaptive Reuse as a Contributor to Well-Being
Chapter 11. Conclusion: New Perspectives for Well-Being

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