Innovative Strategies for Implementing FinTech in Banking

Innovative Strategies for Implementing FinTech in Banking
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    Innovative Strategies for Implementing FinTech in Banking
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    Yousif Abdullatif Albastaki, Anjum Razzaque, Adel M. Sarea
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    1 edition
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    August 28, 2020
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    367 pages
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Book Description
FinTech is encouraging various new practices, such as diminishing the use of cash in different countries, increasing rate of mobile payments, and introducing new algorithms for high-frequency trading across national boundaries. It is paving the way for new technologies emerging in the information technology scene that allow financial service firms to automate existing business processes and offer new products, including crowdfunding or peer-to-peer insurance. These new products cater to hybrid client interaction and customer self-services, changing the ecosystem by increasing outsourcing for focused specialization by resizing and leading to new ecosystems and new regulations for encouraging FinTech. However, such new ecosystems are also accompanied by new challenges.
Innovative Strategies for Implementing FinTech in Banking provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of technology inclusion in the financial sector and applications within global financing. It provides a clear direction for the effective implementation of FinTech initiatives/programs for improving banking financial processes, financial organizational learning, and performance excellence. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as artificial intelligence, social financing, and customer satisfaction, this book encourages the management of the financial industry to take a proactive attitude toward FinTech, resulting in a better decision-making capability that will support financial organizations in their journey towards becoming FinTech-based organizations. As such, this book is ideally designed for financial analysts, finance managers, finance administrators, banking professionals, IT consultants, researchers, academics, students, and practitio


Chapter 1. When Technology Meets Finance: A Review Approach to FinTech
Chapter 2. Financial Technologies (FinTech), Instruments, Mechanisms, and Financial Products in the Current Context of Artificial Intelligence and Globalization
Chapter 3. An Overview of International Fintech Instruments Using Innovation Diffusion Theory Adoption Strategies
Chapter 4. FinTech-Based Islamic Social Financing Products: A Critical Evaluation
Chapter 5. Regulating FinTech Through Sandboxes: Entering the UK and Malaysian Regulatory Sandbox
Chapter 6. FinTech in Banks: Opportunities and Challenges
Chapter 7. Crowdfunding: New Form of Both Investment Opportunities and Source of Capital
Chapter 8. Fintech Challenges and Outlook in India
Chapter 9. FinTech in Brazil: Opportunities or Threats?
Chapter 10. FinTech Adoption in China: Challenges, Regulations, and Opportunities
Chapter 11. FinTech in the Kingdom of Bahrain: An Investigation of Users’ Adoption and Satisfaction
Chapter 12. The Impact of FinTech on Financial Services in India: Past, Present, and Future Trends
Chapter 13. Evaluating Mergers as a Tool to Strengthen and Modernize the Palestinian Banking System: An Analytical Study of Palestinian Local Banks 2010-2017
Chapter 14. Investigation of Factors Affecting Adoption of FinTech in Financial Institutions
Chapter 15. The Adoption of E-Wallets: Current Trends and Future Outlook
Chapter 16. Identifying Factors That Influence the Use of E-Wallets and Its Continuance: An Empirical Investigation
Chapter 17. User Friendly and User Satisfaction Model Aligned With FinTech
Chapter 18. Adoption of FinTech by Students in Higher Education Institutions

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