Applications and Techniques for Experimental Stress Analysis

Applications and Techniques for Experimental Stress Analysis
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    Applications and Techniques for Experimental Stress Analysis
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    Karthik Selva Kumar Karuppasamy, Balaji P.S.
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    1 edition
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    December 27, 2019
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    269 pages
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Book Description
The design of mechanical components for various engineering applications requires the understanding of stress distribution in the materials. The need of determining the nature of stress distribution on the components can be achieved with experimental techniques.
Applications and Techniques for Experimental Stress Analysis is a timely research publication that examines how experimental stress analysis supports the development and validation of analytical and numerical models, the progress of phenomenological concepts, the measurement and control of system parameters under working conditions, and identification of sources of failure or malfunction. Highlighting a range of topics such as deformation, strain measurement, and element analysis, this book is essential for mechanical engineers, civil engineers, designers, aerospace engineers, researchers, industry professionals, academicians, and students.


Chapter 1. Introduction to the Basics of Stress
Chapter 2. Introduction to Stress-Strain Relationship and Its Measurement Techniques
Chapter 3. An Overview of Stress and Strain Measurement Techniques
Chapter 4. Introduction and Application of Strain Gauges
Chapter 5. Performance of Strain Gauge in Strain Measurement and Brittle Coating Technique
Chapter 6. Measurement of Strain Using Strain Gauge and Piezoelectric Sensors
Chapter 7. Optical Methods in Stress Measurement
Chapter 8. Optical X-Ray Diffraction Data Analysis Using the Williamson–Hall Plot Method in Estimation of Lattice Strain-Stress
Chapter 9. Deformation Assessment of Stainless Steel Sheet Using a Shock Tube
Chapter 10. Micromotion Analysis of a Dental Implant System
Chapter 11. Modelling Stress Distribution in a Flexible Beam Using Bond Graph Approach
Chapter 12. A Theoretical Study of Thermal Stress for Engineering Applications
Chapter 13. Finite Element Analysis of Chip Formation in Micro-Milling Operation
Chapter 14. Prominence in Understanding the Position of Drill Tool Using Acoustic Emission Signals During Drilling of CFRP/Ti6Al4V Stacks
Chapter 15. Simulation of Mn2-x Fe1+x Al Intermetallic Alloys Microstructural Formation and Stress-Strain Development in Steel Casting

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