Protective Security: Creating Military-Grade Defenses for Your Digital Business

Protective Security: Creating Military-Grade Defenses for Your Digital Business
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    Protective Security: Creating Military-Grade Defenses for Your Digital Business
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    Jim Seaman
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    1 edition
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    April 25, 2021
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    772 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
This book shows you how military counter-intelligence principles and objectives are applied. It provides you with valuable advice and guidance to help your business understand threat vectors and the measures needed to reduce the risks and impacts to your organization. You will know how business-critical assets are compromised: cyberattack, data breach, system outage, pandemic, natural disaster, and many more.
Rather than being compliance-concentric, this book focuses on how your business can identify the assets that are most valuable to your organization and the threat vectors associated with these assets. You will learn how to apply appropriate mitigation controls to reduce the risks within suitable tolerances.
You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the value that effective protective security provides and how to develop an effective strategy for your type of business.

What You Will Learn
  • Take a deep dive into legal and regulatory perspectives and how an effective protective security strategy can help fulfill these ever-changing requirements
  • Know where compliance fits into a company-wide protective security strategy
  • Secure your digital footprint
  • Build effective 5 D network architectures: Defend, detect, delay, disrupt, deter
  • Secure manufacturing environments to balance a minimal impact on productivity
  • Securing your supply chains and the measures needed to ensure that risks are minimized
Who This Book Is For                                                 
Business owners, C-suite, information security practitioners, CISOs, cybersecurity practitioners, risk managers, IT operations managers, IT auditors, and military enthusiasts


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What Is Protective Security (PS)?
Chapter 3: Protective Security (PS) in terms of the Legal and Regulatory Considerations for the Digital Business
Chapter 4: The Integration of Compliance with Protective Security (PS)
Chapter 5: Developing a Protective Security Strategy
Chapter 6: Cyber Security and the Digital Business
Chapter 7: Network/IT Security in Protective Security (PS)
Chapter 8: Information Systems Security
Chapter 9: Physical Security
Chapter 10: Industrial Systems Protective Security
Chapter 11: Securing Your Supply Chain
Chapter 12: Developing Your Human Firewall
Chapter 13: Strict Access Restrictions
Chapter 14: Building Resilience
Chapter 15: Demonstrating the Protective Security Return on Investment (ROI)

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