Pro ASP.NET Core Identity

Pro ASP.NET Core Identity

Book Description
Get the most from ASP.NET Core Identity. Best-selling author Adam Freeman teaches developers common authentication and user management scenarios and explains how they are implemented in applications. He covers each topic clearly and concisely, and the book is packed with the essential details you need to be effective.
The book takes a deep dive into the Identity framework and explains how the most important and useful features work in detail, creating custom implementations of key components to reveal the inner workings of ASP.NET Core Identity. ASP.NET Core Identity provides authentication and user management for ASP.NET Core applications. Identity is a complex framework in its own right, with support for a wide range of features, including authenticating users with services provided by Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

What You Will Learn
  • Gain a solid understanding of how Identity provides authentication and authorization for ASP.NET Core applications
  • Configure ASP.NET Core Identity for common application scenarios, including self-service registration, user management, and authentication with services provided by popular social media platforms
  • Create robust and reliable user management tools
  • Understand how Identity works in detail
Who This Book Is For
Developers with advanced knowledge of ASP.NET Core who are introducing Identity into their projects. Prior experience and knowledge of C#, ASP.NET Core is required, along with a basic understanding of authentication and authorization concepts.


Part I: Using ASP.NET Core Identity
Chapter 1: Getting Ready
Chapter 2: Your First Identity Application
Chapter 3: Creating the Example Project
Chapter 4: Using the Identity UI Package
Chapter 5: Configuring Identity
Chapter 6: Adapting Identity UI
Chapter 7: Using the Identity API
Chapter 8: Signing In and Out and Managing Passwords
Chapter 9: Creating, Deleting, and Locking Accounts
Chapter 10: Using Roles and Claims
Chapter 11: Two-Factor and External Authentication
Chapter 12: Authenticating API Clients

Part II: Understanding ASP.NET Core Identity
Chapter 13: Creating the Example Project
Chapter 14: Working with ASP.NET Core
Chapter 15: Authorizing Requests
Chapter 16: Creating a User Store
Chapter 17: Claims, Roles, and Confirmations
Chapter 18: Signing In with Identity
Chapter 19: Creating a Role Store
Chapter 20: Lockouts and Two-Factor Sign-Ins
Chapter 21: Authenticators and Recovery Codes
Chapter 22: External Authentication, Part 1
Chapter 23: External Authentication, Part 2

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