Administering Windows Server 2008 Server Core

Administering Windows Server 2008 Server Core

Book Description
Microsoft's new GUI-less Server Core is a command line version of Windows Server 2008 that offers better security, reduced size, and faster access. Inside this comprehensive guide, you'll find everything you need to quickly master this sleek new version. Packed with instructions and practical examples, this book teaches you how to operate in a windowless environment, including using all the commands, creating BAT files, working with scripts, using registry hacks, managing remote systems, and more. Includes best practices, 52 indispensable command line tricks, and an alphabetical list of all the commands.


Part 1 - Discovering Windows in a Command Prompt
Chapter 1. Understanding Windows Server 2008 Server Core
Chapter 2. Using the Command Line Effectively
Chapter 3. Performing Essential Maintenance Tasks
Chapter 4. Essential Registry Hacks

Part 2 - Automation Essentials
Chapter 5. Creating CMD and BAT Files
Chapter 6. Working with Scripts
Chapter 7. Editing and Compiling Batch Files and Scripts
Chapter 8. Performing Task Automation

Part 3 - Working with the Hardware
Chapter 9. Managing the Hard Drive
Chapter 10. Managing the Network
Chapter 11. Working with TCP/IP
Chapter 12. Managing Other Hardware

Part 4 - Working with the Software
Chapter 13. Managing Applications
Chapter 14. Working with Data
Chapter 15. Managing Files and Directories
Chapter 16. Configuring the System Setup
Chapter 17. Creating System Connections
Chapter 18. Monitoring System Events and Performance
Chapter 19. Configuring Directory Services

Part 5 - Working with the User
Chapter 20. Managing System Users
Chapter 21. Securing the System

Part 6 - Helpful Third-Party Utilities
Chapter 22. Obtaining Command Prompt Enhancers
Chapter 23. Increasing Productivity at the Command Line

Part 7 - Working with IIS 7
Chapter 24. Installing and Configuring IIS
Chapter 25. Managing IIS

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