Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising
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    Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising
  • Author:
    Perry Marshall, Thomas Meloche, Bob Regnerus
  • Edition:
    4 edition
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    October 27, 2020
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    376 pages
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Book Description
New Customers Are Waiting...Find Them On Facebook
Facebook makes it easy for businesses like yours to share photos, videos, and posts to reach, engage, and sell to more than 1 billion active users. Advertising expert Perry Marshall is joined by co-authors Bob Regnerus and Thomas Meloche as he walks you through Facebook Advertising and its nuances to help you pinpoint your ideal audience and gain a ten-fold return on your investment.
Now in its fourth edition, Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising takes you further than Facebook itself by exploring what happens before customers click on your ads and what needs to happen after―10 seconds later, 10 minutes later, and in the following days and weeks.
You'll discover how to:
  • Maximize your ad ROI with newsfeeds, videos, and branded content
  • Create custom audiences from your contact lists, video views, and page engagement
  • Use the Facebook Campaign Blueprint proven to generate your first 100 conversions
  • Boost your Facebook ads using the Audience Network and Instagram
  • Follow the three-step formula for successful video ads
  • Maximize campaigns and increase conversions on all traffic to your website
  • Track and retarget engaged users by leveraging the Power of the Pixel
  • Make every page on your website 5-10 percent more effective overnight


CHAPTER 1. A Master Class in Fundamentals
CHAPTER 2. Creating Your Business Page and Setting Up Business Manager
CHAPTER 3. Retargeting Technology to Convert More Prospects Into Customers
CHAPTER 4. Story: Separating the Amateurs from the Pros
CHAPTER 5. Targeting Your Customers with Facebook Audiences
CHAPTER 6. Using RFM to Sell to Customers Most Likely to Buy
CHAPTER 7. The First Building Blocks of Your Facebook Advertising Campaign
CHAPTER 8. Budgets and Bidding Strategies for Optimizing Your Facebook Campaigns
CHAPTER 9. Dialing in Your Targeted Audience Using Ad Sets
CHAPTER 10. Optimizing Your Ad Sets within Your Targeted Audience
CHAPTER 11. Location, Location, Location: Facebook Placements
CHAPTER 12. Leveraging Creative in Your Ads to Maximize Response
CHAPTER 13. Sources of Creative Inspiration for Facebook Ads
CHAPTER 14. Creating Your First Facebook News Feed Ad
CHAPTER 15. The Strongest Persuader of All: Facebook Video
CHAPTER 16. Creating Killer Ad Creatives That Reflect Your Hook
CHAPTER 17. How I Know When My Copy Is Ready—Power Questions
CHAPTER 18. Capturing Leads Using Facebook Lead Ads
CHAPTER 19. Converting Clicks to Facebook Messenger Conversations
CHAPTER 20. The Anatomy of a Facebook Retargeting Campaign
CHAPTER 21. Using Deep Funnel Marketing™ to Make Your Customers See You Everywhere
CHAPTER 22. Advanced Deep Funnel Marketing™ Strategies
CHAPTER 23. Blueprints and Strategies to Help You Launch Campaigns Quickly
CHAPTER 24. The Product Launch Formula and Facebook
CHAPTER 25. Choosing the Best Facebook Funnel for You
CHAPTER 26. Boosting Posts and Unicorns Guest Author Dennis Yu
CHAPTER 27. Keeping Track of Your Money and Results
CHAPTER 28. How to Increase Conversions and Decrease Advertising Costs Over Time
CHAPTER 29. Troubleshooting Common Facebook Advertising Issues
CHAPTER 30. Taking Scary Steps When the Bridge Isn’t Yet Visible

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