Advanced Dynamic-system Simulation

Advanced Dynamic-system Simulation
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    Advanced Dynamic-system Simulation: Model-replication Techniques and Monte Carlo Simulation
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    Granino A. Korn
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    1 edition
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    February 2, 2007
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    240 pages
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Book Description
Learn the latest techniques in programming sophisticatedsimulation systems
This cutting-edge text presents the latest techniques inadvanced simulation programming for interactive modeling andsimulation of dynamic systems, such as aerospace vehicles, controlsystems, and biological systems. The author, a leading authority inthe field, demonstrates computer software that can handle largesimulation studies on standard personal computers. Readers can run,edit, and modify the sample simulations from the text with theaccompanying CD-ROM, featuring the OPEN DESIRE program for Linuxand Windows. The program included on CD solves up to 40,000ordinary differential equations and implements exceptionally fastand convenient vector operations.
The text begins with an introduction to dynamic-systemsimulation, including a demonstration of a simple guided-missilesimulation. Among the other highlights of coverage are:
  • Models that involve sampled-data operations and sampled-datadifference equations, including improved techniques for propernumerical integration of switched variables
  • Novel vector compiler that produces exceptionally fast programsfor vector and matrix assignments, differential equations, anddifference equations
  • Application of vector compiler to parameter-influence studiesand Monte Carlo simulation of dynamic systems
  • Vectorized Monte Carlo simulations involving time-varyingnoise, derived from periodic pseudorandom-noise samples
  • Vector models of neural networks, including a new pulsed-neuronmodel
  • Vectorized programs for fuzzy-set controller, partialdifferential equations, and agro-ecological models replicated atmany points of a landscape map
This text is intended for graduate-level students, engineers,and computer scientists, particularly those involved in aerospace,control system design, chemical process control, and biologicalsystems. All readers will gain the practical skills they need todesign sophisticated simulations of dynamic systems.


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