Architecting Composite Applications and Services with TIBCO

Architecting Composite Applications and Services with TIBCO

Book Description
The architecture series from TIBCO® Press comprises a coordinated set of titles for software architects and developers, showing how to combine TIBCO components to design and build real-world solutions. TIBCO’s product suite comprises components with functionality ranging from messaging through services, service orchestration, business process management, master data management, and complex event processing.
In composite applications and services, multiple components collaborate to provide the required functionality. There are many possible architectures for these distributed solutions: Some will serve the enterprise well, while others will lead to dead-end projects. Architecting Composite Applications and Services with TIBCO® shows how to create successful architectures with TIBCO products for both overall solutions and individual services. This guide builds on the basic design patterns and product information presented in the first title in the series, TIBCO® Architecture Fundamentals (Addison-Wesley, 2011).
After reading this title, you will be able to
  • Create architectures for solutions, service specifications, and service implementations
  • Understand the intended TIBCO product roles in composite applications and services
  • Define manageable approaches to service versioning and naming
  • Conduct and interpret performance benchmarks
  • Identify and select appropriate design patterns for a variety of tasks 
Architecting Composite Applications and Services with TIBCO® is intended primarily for project architects defining overall solutions and specifying the supporting components and services. TIBCO developers, enterprise architects, and technical managers will also find material of interest. No specific prior knowledge of architecture is assumed.


Part I: Getting Started
Chapter 1: Components, Services, and Architectures
Chapter 2: TIBCO® Architecture Fundamentals Review
Chapter 3: TIBCO Products
Chapter 4: Case Study: Nouveau Health Care

Part II: Designing Services
Chapter 5: Observable Dependencies and Behaviors
Chapter 6: Service-Related Documentation
Chapter 7: Versioning
Chapter 8: Naming Standards
Chapter 9: Data Structures

Part III: Service Architecture Patterns
Chapter 10: Building-Block Design Patterns
Chapter 11: Load Distribution and Sequencing Patterns
Chapter 12: Data Management Patterns
Chapter 13: Composites

Part IV: Advanced Topics
Chapter 14: Benchmarking
Chapter 15: Tuning
Chapter 16: Fault Tolerance and High Availability
Chapter 17: Service Federation
Chapter 18: Documenting a Solution Architecture
Chapter 19: Documenting a Service Specification

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