Ajax Security

Ajax Security

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Ajax has completely changed the way we architect and deploy Web applications. Gone are the days of the Web browser as a simple dumb terminal for powerful applications running on Web servers. Today’s Ajax applications implement functionality inside a user’s Web browser to create responsive desktop-like applications that exist on both the client and the server.We are seeing excellent work from developers at companies like Google and Yahoo! as well the open source community pushing the bounds of what Ajax can do with new features like client-side storage, offline applications, and rich Web APIs.

As Web programmers and security researchers, we rushed out and learned as much as we could about these cool new applications and technologies.While we were excited by all the possibilities Ajax seemed to offer, we were left with a nagging feeling: No one was talking about the security repercussions of this new application architecture.We saw prominent resources and experts in the Ajax field giving poor advice and code samples riddled with dangerous security vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection or Cross-Site Scripting.


Chapter 1. Introduction to Ajax Security
Chapter 2. The Heist
Chapter 3. Web Attacks
Chapter 4. Ajax Attack Surface
Chapter 5. Ajax Code Complexity
Chapter 6. Transparency in Ajax Applications
Chapter 7. Hijacking Ajax Applications
Chapter 8. Attacking Client-Side Storage
Chapter 9. Offline Ajax Applications
Chapter 10. Request Origin Issues
Chapter 11. Web Mashups and Aggregators
Chapter 12. Attacking the Presentation Layer
Chapter 13. jаvascript Worms
Chapter 14. Testing Ajax Applications
Chapter 15. Analysis of Ajax Frameworks

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