Set Up and Manage Your Virtual Private Server

Set Up and Manage Your Virtual Private Server
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    Set Up and Manage Your Virtual Private Server: Making System Administration Accessible to Professionals
  • Author:
    Jon Westfall
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    1 edition
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    April 26, 2021
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    257 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
The need for every professional to have a solid presence on the Internet is more important than ever before. Having a presence beyond an email account, such as a custom web page or web application, usually requires a clumsy assortment of outside services or hiring a dedicated administrator. Thus it is more sensible for the average professional to become adept at managing their own private server. 
In Set Up and Manage Your Virtual Private Server, author Jon Westfall expertly designs interesting, understandable lessons for professionals such as teachers, doctors, lawyers, and more to deploy their own virtual private server. He walks you through choosing the right service and customizing it for your specific business or personal needs, and does this with great ease while instilling invaluable knowledge.  Basics such as setting up users, managing security and firewalls, installing and updating software, and troubleshooting by reviewing log files, backing up data, and so much more.
Set Up and Manage Your Virtual Private Server equips you with the power of knowledge to set your web presence apart from the rest. You now have complete control over your virtual brand that is your own―separate from any employer or affiliate. Your career mobility is in your hands with the ability to run your own private server at your fingertips. The digital era centers this technical literacy and independence as a critical skillset.

What You Will Learn
  • Understand basic server terminology and the way servers operate and are networked together
  • See how software is used on a server and its role (for example, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and so on)
  • Get comfortable with the basic command-line operation of a virtual private server to set up users, manage security and firewalls, install software, update software, and troubleshoot by reviewing log files
  • Store and back up important information
  • Identify, analyze, and deploy open-source software products that can enhance productivity
Who This Book Is For
Non-tech professionals, individuals who have an established professional career, looking to understand more about how to set up and manage a private server.


Chapter 1: What Is a Virtual Private Server?
Chapter 2: Selecting a VPS Provider 
Chapter 3: Basic Linux Administration via the Command Line
Chapter 4: Basic Linux Administration via GUI (Webmin) 
Chapter 5: Basics of Linux Security 
Chapter 6: Basics of Backups and Version Control 
Chapter 7: Basics of Server Software Administration 
Chapter 8: Installing an Open Source Software Product: WordPress 
Chapter 9: Administrator’s Weekly Checklist 
Chapter 10: Open Source Application Possibilities 

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