Electrical and Electronic Devices, Circuits, and Materials

Electrical and Electronic Devices, Circuits, and Materials
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    Electrical and Electronic Devices, Circuits, and Materials: Technological Challenges and Solutions
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    Suman Lata Tripathi, Parvej Ahmad Alvi, Umashankar Subramaniam
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    1 edition
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    April 13, 2021
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    608 pages
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Book Description
The increasing demand for electronic devices for private and industrial purposes lead designers and researchers to explore new electronic devices and circuits that can perform several tasks efficiently with low IC area and low power consumption. In addition, the increasing demand for portable devices intensifies the call from industry to design sensor elements, an efficient storage cell, and large capacity memory elements. Several industry-related issues have also forced a redesign of basic electronic components for certain specific applications. The researchers, designers, and students working in the area of electronic devices, circuits, and materials sometimesneed standard examples with certain specifications. This breakthrough work presents this knowledge of standard electronic device and circuit design analysis, including advanced technologies and materials.
This outstanding new volume presents the basic concepts and fundamentals behind devices, circuits, and systems. It is a valuable reference for the veteran engineer and a learning tool for the student, the practicing engineer, or an engineer from another field crossing over into electrical engineering.  It is a must-have for any library.


Part I - Design and Analysis
1. Strain Engineering in Modern Field Effect Transistors
2. Design and Optimization of Heterostructure Double Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistor for Ultra Low Power Circuit and System
3. Polymer Electrolytes: Development and Supercapacitor Application
4. Tunable RF/Microwave Filter with Fractal DGS
5. GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor Device Technology for RF and High-Power Applications
6. Design and Analyses of a Food Protein Sensing System Based on Memristive Properties
7. Design of Low-Power DRAM Cell Using Advanced FET Architectures
8. Application of Microwave Radiation in Determination of Quality Sensing of Agricultural Products
9. Solar Cell
10. Fabrication of Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide (Cu(In,Ga)Se2) Thin Film Solar Cell
11. Parameter Estimation of Solar Cells: A Multi-Objective Approach
12. An IoT-Based Smart Monitoring Scheme for Solar PV Applications
13. Design of Low-Power Energy Harvesting System for Biomedical Devices
14. Performance Analysis of Some New Hybrid Metaheuristic Algorithms for High-Dimensional Optimization Problems
15. Investigation of Structural, Optical and Wettability Properties of Cadmium Sulphide Thin Films Synthesized by Environment Friendly SILAR Technique

Part II - Design, Implementation and Applications 299
16. Solar Photovoltaic Cells
17. An Intelligent Computing Technique for Parameter Extraction of Different Photovoltaic (PV) Models
18. Experimental Investigation on Wi-Fi Signal Loss by Scattering Property of Duranta Plant Leaves
19. Multi-Quantum Well-Based Solar Cell
20. Mitigation Techniques for Removal of Dust on Solar Photovoltaic System
21. Solid-State Air-Conditioning System Using Photovoltaic Module
22. Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Film Solar Cell: Fabrication and Characterization
23. Parameter Estimation of Solar Cell Using Gravitational Search Algorithm
24. Study of the Most Commonly Utilized Maximum Power Point (MPP) Tracking (MPPT) Schemes for SPV Systems
25. An Investigation and Design of Symmetric and Asymmetric Inverter for Various Applications
26. A Demand Side Management Controller Configuration for Interleaved DC-DC Converters Applicable for Renewable Energy Sources
27. Applications of Hybrid Wind Solar Battery Based Microgrid for Small-Scale Stand-Alone Systems and Grid Integration for Multi-Feeder Systems
28. Challenging Issues and Solutions on Battery Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles

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