Intelligent IoT for the Digital World

Intelligent IoT for the Digital World

Book Description
Discover how the Internet of Things will change the information and communication technology industry in the next decade 
The Intelligent Internet of Things explores a unique type of Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, for example, the Web of Things (WoT) with its open character that breaks the barriers among various IoT vertical applications. The authors―noted experts on the topic―examine and compare key technologies from physical to platform level, especially the Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology. They discuss applications with different data transmission requirements that are typical to IoT. The text also describes the requirements of WoT applications on 5G and includes detailed information on WoT technologies.  
The Intelligent Internet of Things examines three typical WoT applications: the monitoring application of south-to-north water diversion projects; smart driving applications; and network optimization applications. In addition, the text explores testing and authentication of IoT key technologies, with the required equipment, platform, and outdoor environment development. This important book:
  • Provides information on what IoT/WoT is, when to use it, how to provide IoT services with certain technologies, and more 
  • Discusses restful architecture, main protocols (ZigBee, 6lowpan, CoAP, HTML5)
  • Explores key technologies on different layers (sensing, gathering, application) 
  • Examines how IoT will change the information and communication technology industry
Written for professionals working in IoT development, management and big data analytics, Intelligent Internet of Things offers an overview of IoT architecture, key technology, current applications and future development of the technology.


1. IoT Technologies and Applications
2. Computing and Service Architecture for Intelligent IoT
3. Cross-Domain Resource Management Frameworks
4. Dynamic Service Provisioning Frameworks
5. Lightweight Privacy-Preserving Learning Schemes
6. Clock Synchronization for Wide-area Applications

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