Deno Web Development

Deno Web Development
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    Deno Web Development: Write, test, maintain and deploy jаvascript and TypeScript web applications using Deno
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    Alexandre Portela dos Santos
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    April 9, 2021
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    267 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Learn how to use Deno, the secure jаvascript and TypeScript runtime written in Rust, to write reliable web applications

Key Features

  • Understand Deno's essential concepts and features
  • Learn how to use Deno in real-world scenarios
  • Use Deno to develop, test and deploy web applications and tools

Book Description

Deno is a jаvascript/TypeScript runtime with secure defaults and a great developer experience.
"Deno Web Development" will introduce Deno's primitives, its principles, and how developers can use them to build real-world applications. The book is divided into three main sections: introducing Deno, building an API from scratch, and testing and deploying a Deno application. The first chapters present the runtime and the motivations behind its creation. It explores some of the concepts introduced by Node, why many of them transitioned into Deno, and why new features were introduced. After getting comfortable with Deno and why it was created, the reader will start to experiment with Deno, exploring the toolchain, and writing simple scripts and CLI applications.
As we transition in the second section of the book, the reader will start with a very simple web application and will slowly add more features to it. This application will evolve from a simple "hello world" API to a web application connected to the database, with users, authentication, and a jаvascript client. In the meantime, topics like dependency management, configuration, testing, and application structure, among others will be addressed.
By the end of the read, the reader is comfortable in using Deno to create, maintain, and deploy secure and reliable web applications.

What you will learn

  • Why should you use Deno?
  • Tooling and the Deno ecosystem
  • Leverage existing Node and EcmaScript6 knowledge in Deno
  • Leverage the standard-library and Deno's security model
  • Explore common practices and web frameworks to build a REST API in Deno
  • Implementing real-world functionalities in Deno
  • Using dependency injection, inversion of control, and explore application architecture practices
  • Test and deploy a Deno application in the cloud using Docker

Who This Book Is For

This book targets developers who want to leverage their jаvascript and TypeScript skills in a secure, simple, and modern runtime, using it for web development. Node.js knowledge is not required but recommended.


Section 1: Getting Familiar with Deno
1. What is Deno?
2. The Toolchain
3. The Runtime and Standard Library

Section 2: Building an Application
4. Building a Web Application
5. Adding Users and Migrating to Oak
6. Adding Authentication and Connecting to the Database
7. HTTPS, Extracting Configuration, and Deno in the Browser

Section 3: Testing and Deploying
8. Testing – Unit and Integration
9. Deploying a Deno Application
10. What's Next?

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