Small Business for Dummies

Small Business for Dummies

Book Description
Get inspired to build a profitable business with this essential guide
In the latest edition of this bestselling and authoritative reference, Small Business For Dummies explains how to set your business on the path for success. Using this guide, you'll discover how to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, build a winning edge over your competitors, and respond to the increasing challenges of everyday business.
From the basics of setting up a budget to working out your exit plan, this book explains how to grow a profitable business that responds quickly to opportunities. You’ll learn how to identify what's different about your business, and how you can use this knowledge to build your brand and generate above-average profits.
This new edition also covers:
  • Using business plans to stay one step ahead
  • Building positive teams and managing employees
  • Creating financial projections that actually work
  • Attracting the kind of customers you really want
  • Expanding your online presence
Whether you're a small business veteran or new to the game, this guide provides practical advice and inspirational guidance for every step along the way. 


Part 1: Getting Started
CHAPTER 1: Is Small Business for You?
CHAPTER 2: Figuring Out What’s So Special about You (And Your Business)
CHAPTER 3: Starting from Scratch, Buying a Business, or Joining a Franchise

Part 2: Finding Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
CHAPTER 4: Separating Yourself from Your Business
CHAPTER 5: Staying One Step Ahead
CHAPTER 6: Creating a Business Plan
CHAPTER 7: Getting the Legals Right

Part 3: Planning for Profit
CHAPTER 8: Figuring Out Prices and Predicting Sales
CHAPTER 9: Building Profit Projections
CHAPTER 10: Calculating Your Break-Even Point
CHAPTER 11: Creating Your Marketing Plan

Part 4: People Power
CHAPTER 12: Making Service Your Business
CHAPTER 13: Becoming an Employer
CHAPTER 14: The Art of Management

Part 5: High Finance
CHAPTER 15: Financing Your Business
CHAPTER 16: Cooking the Books
CHAPTER 17: Understanding Financial Statements
CHAPTER 18: Taming the Tax Tyrant

Part 6: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 19: Ten Things to Do If You Hit Hard Times
CHAPTER 20: Ten Tips for Selling Your Business

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