Job Ready Java (Mthree Tech Skills)

Job Ready Java (Mthree Tech Skills)
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    Job Ready Java (Mthree Tech Skills)
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    Haythem Balti, Alan Galloway
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    1 edition
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    March 23, 2021
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    768 pages
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Book Description
Prepare yourself to take on new and exciting Java programming challenges with this one-stop resource 
Job Ready Java delivers a comprehensive and foundational approach to Java that is immediately applicable to real-world environments. Based on the highly regarded and effective Software Guild Java Bootcamp: Object Oriented Programming course, this book teaches you the basic and advanced Java concepts you will need at any entry-level Java position. 
With the “Pulling It Together” sections, you’ll combine and integrate the concepts and lessons taught by the book, while also benefiting from: 
  • A thorough introduction to getting set up with Java, including how to write, compile, and run Java programs with or without a Java IDE 
  • Practical discussions of the basics of the Java language, including syntax, program flow, and code organization 
  • A walk through the fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming including Classes, Objects, Interfaces, and Inheritance, and how to leverage OOP in Java to create elegant code.  
  • Explorations of intermediate and advanced Java concepts, including Maven , unit testing, Lambdas, Streams, and the Spring Framework  
Perfect for Java novices seeking to make a career transition, Job Ready Java will also earn a place in the libraries of Java developers wanting to brush up on the fundamentals of their craft with an accessible and up-to-date resource. 


PART I: Getting Set Up
Lesson 1: Installing Java
Lesson 2: Installing a Development Environment: NetBeans
Lesson 3: Using an Integrated Development Environment

PART II: Basics of Object Oriented Programming
Lesson 4: Using Program Statements and Variables
Lesson 5: Collecting and Parsing Input from the User
Lesson 6: Pulling It All Together: Building a Useful Program
Lesson 7: Controlling Program Flow
Lesson 8: Looping Program Flow
Lesson 9: Understanding Flowcharts and Algorithms
Lesson 10: Adding Randomness to Your Programs
Lesson 11: Debugging
Lesson 12: Adding Methods
Lesson 13: Organizing with Arrays

PART III: Fundamentals of Classes and Objects
Lesson 14: Object-Oriented Concepts
Lesson 15: Creating Classes and Types
Lesson 16: Managing Storage and Memory
Lesson 17: Exploring Interfaces, Composition, and Inheritance
Lesson 18: Diving into Interfaces
Lesson 19: Diving into Composition
Lesson 20: Diving into Inheritance
Lesson 21: Understanding Collections
Lesson 22: Introduction to Lists
Lesson 23: Exploring Maps
Lesson 24: Using Simple File Input and Output
Lesson 25: Applying Application Design
Lesson 26: Handling Exceptions
Lesson 27: Pulling It All Together: Building the Class Roster App

PART IV: Intermediate Java
Lesson 28: Exploring the Service Layer
Lesson 29: Pulling It All Together: Coding the Class Roster Service Layer
Lesson 30: Doing Unit Testing
Lesson 31: Testing Stateful Code
Lesson 32: Including Magic Numbers and Enums
Lesson 33: Manipulating Dates and Times
Lesson 34: Using the BigDecimal Class
Lesson 35: Working with Lambdas and Streams

PART V: Advanced Java
Lesson 36: Working with the Spring Framework
Lesson 37: Introducing Maven
Lesson 38: Pulling It All Together: Building the Class Roster with Spring

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