Modernizing Oracle Tuxedo Applications with Python

Modernizing Oracle Tuxedo Applications with Python
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    Modernizing Oracle Tuxedo Applications with Python: A practical guide to using Oracle Tuxedo in the 21st century
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    Aivars Kalvans
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    April 9, 2021
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    141 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Learn Tuxedo by developing solutions in Python to real-world problems

Key Features

  • Understand Tuxedo through a modern lens by experimenting with Python code
  • Boost your productivity by using Python to perform common Tuxedo programming tasks
  • Solve real-world integration tasks with small Python programs

Book Description

Despite being developed in the 1980s, Oracle Tuxedo still runs a significant part of critical infrastructure and is not going away any time soon. Modernizing Oracle Tuxedo Applications with Python will help you get to grips with the most important Tuxedo concepts by writing Python code.
The book starts with an introduction to Oracle Tuxedo and guides you in installing its latest version and Python bindings for Tuxedo on Linux. You'll then learn how to build the first server and client, configure Tuxedo, and start running an application. As you advance, you'll understand load balancing and work with the BBL server, which is at the heart of a Tuxedo application. This Tuxedo book will also cover Boolean expressions and different ways to export Tuxedo buffers for storage and transmission, before showing you how to implement servers and clients and use Management Information Base to change the configuration dynamically. Once you've learned how to configure Tuxedo for transactions and control them in application code, you'll discover how to use the store-and-forward functionality to reach destinations and use an Oracle database from a Tuxedo application.
By the end of this book, you'll be able to perform common Tuxedo programming tasks with Python and integrate Tuxedo applications with other parts of modern infrastructure.

What you will learn

  • Understand Oracle Tuxedo as a microservice platform
  • Develop Oracle Tuxedo applications using Python 3
  • Perform administration tasks programmatically with Python 3
  • Integrate Tuxedo statistics into modern Application Performance Management software
  • Integrate Tuxedo into the modern software ecosystem
  • Understand how distributed transactions work in Tuxedo

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers who are new to Tuxedo looking to develop a new modern frontend or integrate Tuxedo in their applications. The book will also help experienced Tuxedo C or COBOL developers to improve their productivity and QA engineers with automating Tuxedo application tests.


Section 1: The Basics
1. Introduction and Installing Tuxedo
2. Building Your First Tuxedo Application
3. Tuxedo in Detail
4. Understanding Typed Buffers

Section 2: The Good Bits
5. Developing Servers and Clients
6. Administering the Application Using MIBs
7. Distributed Transactions
8. Using Tuxedo Message Queue
9. Working with Oracle Database

Section 3: Integrations
10. Accessing the Tuxedo Application
11. Consuming External Services in Tuxedo
12. Modernizing the Tuxedo Applications

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