Problem Solving with C++

Problem Solving with C++

Book Description
Problem Solving with C++ continues to be the most widely used textbook by students and instructors in the introduction to programming and C++ language course. Through each edition, hundreds and thousands of students have valued Walt Savitch’s approach to programming, which emphasizes active reading through the use of well-placed examples and self-test examples. Created for the beginner, this book focuses on cultivating strong problem-solving and programming techniques while introducing students to the C++ programming language.


Chapter 1. Introduction to Computers and C++ Programming
Chapter 2. C++ Basics
Chapter 3. More Flow of Control
Chapter 4. Procedural Abstraction and Functions That Return a Value
Chapter 5. Functions for All Subtasks
Chapter 6. I/O Streams as an Introduction to Objects and Classes
Chapter 7. Arrays
Chapter 8. Strings and Vectors
Chapter 9. Pointers and Dynamic Arrays
Chapter 10. Defining Classes
Chapter 11. Friends, Overloaded Operators, and Arrays in Classes
Chapter 12. Separate Compilation and Namespaces
Chapter 13. Pointers and Linked Lists
Chapter 14. Recursion
Chapter 15. Inheritance
Chapter 16. Exception Handling
Chapter 17. Templates
Chapter 18. Standard Template Library

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