SQA Higher Computing Science

SQA Higher Computing Science
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    SQA Higher Computing Science
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    Jane Paterson
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    April 19, 2021
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    354 Pages
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Book Description
Trust highly experienced teachers and authors Jane Paterson and John Walsh to guide you through the latest SQA Higher Computing Science specification (for examination from 2019 onwards).

This is the most comprehensive resource available for this course, brought to you by Scotland's No. 1 textbook publisher.

- Gain in-depth knowledge of the four areas of study (Software Design and Development, Database Design and Development, Web Design and Development, Computer Systems) with clear explanations of every concept and topic

- Understand advanced concepts and processes as numerous examples throughout the book show the theory in action

- Build the skills of analysis, design, implementation, testing and evaluation that are required for success in both the exam and the assignment

- Apply the knowledge and skills developed through the course to a variety of practical tasks and end-of-chapter 'check your learning' questions

- Use computing terminology confidently and accurately by consulting a detailed glossary of all key terms and acronyms


1. Software design and development
Chapter 1. Development methodologies
Chapter 2. Analysis
Chapter 3. Design
Chapter 4. Implementation (data types and structures)
Chapter 5. Implementation (computational constructs)
Chapter 6. Implementation (algorithm specification)
Chapter 7. Testing
Chapter 8. Evaluation

2. Database design and development
Chapter 9. Database analysis
Chapter 10. Database design
Chapter 11. Database implementation
Chapter 12. Database testing
Chapter 13. Evaluation

3. Web design and development
Chapter 14. Analysis
Chapter 15. Design
Chapter 16. Implementation (HTML)
Chapter 17. Implementation (CSS)
Chapter 18. Implementation (jаvascript)
Chapter 19. Testing
Chapter 20. Evaluation

4. Computer systems
Chapter 21. Data representation
Chapter 22. Computer structure
Chapter 23. Environmental impact
Chapter 24. Security risks and precautions

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