Beginning Rust Programming

Beginning Rust Programming

Book Description
This is not your typical programming book! Jump right in with interesting, useful programs, some of which are drawn from classic computer science problems as a way of talking about the programming constructs in the language rather than explaining everything in a dry, theoretical manner that doesn’t translate well to implementation.

Rust programming has been the "most loved programming language" in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey every year since 2016! 

Learn why programmers are using Rust due to it's performance and efficency, without the errors and crashes that a programmer would find in common languages such as C and C++. Built around solving real problems, this book will help introduce you to computer science problems that can be built upon to create solutions for other problems.


1. Game of Life: The Basics
2. Extended Life
3. Building a Library
4. Hangman
5. In Concurrence
6. Clients and Servers
7. Client-Side Applications
8. Going Relational
9. No(SQL) Going
10. Web Communications
11. Web Server
12. Getting to the System
13. Device Programming
14. Collecting Stuff
15. Odds and Sods

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