Deep Learning from the Basics

Deep Learning from the Basics
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    Deep Learning from the Basics
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    Koki Saitoh
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    1 edition
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    316 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Discover ways to implement various deep learning algorithms by leveraging Python and other technologies
Key Features
  • Learn deep learning models through several activities
  • Begin with simple machine learning problems, and finish by building a complex system of your own
  • Teach your machines to see by mastering the technologies required for image recognition
What You Will Learn
  • Use Python with minimum external sources to implement deep learning programs
  • Study the various deep learning and neural network theories
  • Learn how to determine learning coefficients and the initial values of weights
  • Implement trends such as Batch Normalization, Dropout, and Adam
  • Explore applications like automatic driving, image generation, and reinforcement learning


Chapter 1: Introduction to Python
Chapter 2: Perceptrons
Chapter 3: Neural Networks
Chapter 4: Neural Network Training
Chapter 5: Backpropagation
Chapter 6: Training Techniques
Chapter 7: Convolutional Neural Networks
Chapter 8: Deep Learning

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