Competitive Drivers for Improving Future Business Performance

Competitive Drivers for Improving Future Business Performance
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    Competitive Drivers for Improving Future Business Performance
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    Carlos Martins, Paula Rodrigues
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    1 edition
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    March 5, 2021
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    267 pages
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Book Description
The globalized economy, dominated by the diffusion of innovation and social, political, and economic changes, allows people and knowledge to flow without knowing what lies ahead. As new economies emerge and technologies impose significant changes, the internationalization of markets and industries has made defining its delimitation more difficult.
Competitive Drivers for Improving Future Business Performance is a conceptualized reference source that discusses the use of digital skills to manage change in volatile contexts and provides fundamental understanding of competitive advantage to guarantee superior performances. To assure this level of performance, a set of choices (drivers) must be created ensuring operational efficiency, innovative products, customer knowledge-base, and focused branding. Featuring research on topics such as consumer experience, strategic leadership, and flexible technologies, this book is ideally designed for managers, executives, entrepreneurs, academicians, consulting professionals, researchers, industry professionals, and students seeking coverage on how to improve competitive performance in an era of uncertainty.


Section 1 - Strategic Drivers
Chapter 1. Is Strategy Dead? Moving From Sustainable Competitive Advantage to Transient Advantage
Chapter 2. Strategic Leadership for New Competitive Environments
Chapter 3. Business Model Design: Novelty and Efficiency

Section 2 - Market Drivers
Chapter 4. Marketing-Mix Metamorphosis and New Trusted Business Practices
Chapter 5. The Consequences of Market Orientation on Performance, New Product Success, and Customer Satisfaction in Traditional Sectors: The Case of the Portuguese Wine Sector
Chapter 6. How to Ensure an Ideal Omnichannel Client Experience With Key Performance Indicators: Focus on Personal Luxury Goods
Chapter 7. A Review of Optimization Techniques for Supplier Selection and Order Allocation

Section 3 - International Drivers
Chapter 8. From Systematic to Mimetic Behavior in the International Market Selection

Section 4 - Innovation Drivers
Chapter 9. The Impact of ICTs and Business Strategy on Innovation Activities: Empirical Evidence From Japanese SMEs

Section 5 - Digital Drivers
Chapter 10. Trust in E-Commerce: The Importance of the Experience and Relationship With This New Sales System – New Business Commerce
Chapter 11. Siemens’ Value-Driver Tree in Digitalization

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