Translational Bioinformatics Applications in Healthcare

Translational Bioinformatics Applications in Healthcare
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    Translational Bioinformatics Applications in Healthcare
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    Khalid Raza, Nilanjan Dey
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    1 edition
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    April 20, 2021
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    224 pages
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Book Description
Translational bioinformatics (TBI) involves development of storage, analytics, and advanced computational methods to harvest knowledge from voluminous biomedical and genomic data into 4P healthcare (proactive, predictive, preventive, and participatory). Translational Bioinformatics Applications in Healthcare offers a detailed overview on concepts of TBI, biological and clinical databases, clinical informatics, and pertinent real-case applications. It further illustrates recent advancements, tools, techniques, and applications of TBI in healthcare, including Internet of Things (IoT) potential, toxin databases, medical image analysis and telemedicine applications, analytics of COVID-19 CT images, viroinformatics and viral diseases, and COVID-19–related research.
  • Covers recent technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, and Big data analytics in bioinformatics
  • Presents the role of translational bioinformatic methods in the field of viroinformatics, as well as in drug development and repurposing
  • Includes translational healthcare and NGS for clinical applications
  • Illustrates translational medicine systems and their applications in better healthcare
  • Explores medical image analysis with focus on CT images and novel coronavirus disease detection
Aimed at researchers and graduate students in computational biology, data mining and knowledge discovery, algorithms and complexity, and interdisciplinary fields of studies, including bioinformatics, health-informatics, biostatistics, biomedical engineering, and viroinformatics.


Part I - Translational Healthcare, Next-Generation Sequence Analysis, and Drug Repurposing
Chapter 1. Translational Healthcare System through Bioinformatics
Chapter 2. Next-Generation Sequence Analysis for Clinical Applications
Chapter 3. Clinical Applications of Next-Generation Sequence Analysis in Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
Chapter 4. Translational Bioinformatics Methods for Drug Repurposing

Part II - Internet of Things, Viroinformatics, and Toxin Databases for Healthcare Applications
Chapter 5. The Fundamentals and Potential of IoT for Bioinformatics and Healthcare
Chapter 6. Viroinformatics and Viral Diseases: A New Era of Interdisciplinary Science for a Thorough Apprehension of Virology
Chapter 7. Toxin Databases and Healthcare Applications

Part III - Medical Image Processing and Other Healthcare Applications
Chapter 8. Lossless Medical Image Compression Using Hybrid Block-Based Algorithm for Telemedicine Application
Chapter 9. Improved FCM Based on Gaussian Kernel and Crow Search Optimization for ROI Extraction on Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) CT Images
Chapter 10. Estimating the Effect of Social Distancing in the Progression Dynamics of COVID-19

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