Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change

Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change

Book Description
Emerging technologies continue to affect a variety of industries, making processes more effective and efficient. However, they also impact society by promoting opportunities to encourage social change and socioeconomic advancement. Blockchain is one that is already influencing third world countries and disrupting the globe. Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change is an essential research publication that provides insight into advancements being made in blockchain and some potential applications of the technology that can improve the lives of individuals in emerging markets. This publication covers a range of topics such as digital government, health systems, and urbanization and is ideal for policymakers, academicians, researchers, sociologists, government officials, economists, and financial experts seeking current and relevant research on evolving blockchain technologies.


Chapter 1. Introduction: How Frontier Technologies Are Changing Our World
Chapter 2. Blockchain Introduced
Chapter 3. Blockchain, the Digital State, and the New World Order
Chapter 4. Emerging Markets: The Innovative First Movers
Chapter 5. Transforming Cities
Chapter 6. Can Blockchain Really Help the Poor? If So, Who Is Trying To?
Chapter 7. Refugees and Humanitarian Settings
Chapter 8. Blockchain for Universal Health Coverage
Chapter 9. Donors and International Organisations
Chapter 10. The Emerging Future

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