Clean Code: Advanced Guide to Learn the Realms of Clean Code from A-Z

Clean Code: Advanced Guide to Learn the Realms of Clean Code from A-Z
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    Clean Code: Advanced Guide to Learn the Realms of Clean Code from A-Z
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    Marc Roberts
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    January 29, 2021
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    162 pages
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Book Description
This book is a collection of techniques, concepts, best practices, and expertise that many experienced software engineers, programmers, and developers have collected. This book has been written using concise topics, with well laid out chapters, allowing you to discover the foundational concepts early on. You will find well-written Python code featured in every relevant topic so you can recreate the examples and understand the concepts more intricately.
Programming is an art, and just as many factors can influence art, this book tries to highlight and improve your programming skills. We will address the many factors that can ruin the sensitive harmony of the different code lines. There are no hard and fast rules that can help explain the concept of “clean code,” but this book features professional expertise and advice that highlights those concepts. When these concepts of clean code are implemented, they can help make your coding more manageable, efficient, effective, and, most of all, easy to read.
In this book, you will:
Discover detailed techniques and concepts to help you learn how to write clean code.
Learn about idioms in Python, understand indices and slices, context managers and underscore conventions.
Explore the characteristics of good clean code.
Review the principles of clean software code including: Single Responsibility, the Open/Closed principle, Liskov’s Substitution, Interface Segregation and Dependency Inversion
Understand and implement decorators to improve the quality of code.
And so much more…

If you are a looking for an easy-to-understand guide on clean code, or if you are experienced and just need a quick refresher, then this book is written for you. What are you waiting for? Download you copy of this book now to delve into the advanced world of clean code.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Clean Code
Chapter 2: Idioms in Python
Chapter 3: Characteristics of Good and Clean Code
Chapter 4: The Principles of Clean Software Code
Chapter 5: Implementing the Decorators to Improve the Quality of the Code
Chapter 6: Using Python Generators When Coding

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