Optimizing and Measuring Smart Grid Operation and Control

Optimizing and Measuring Smart Grid Operation and Control
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    Optimizing and Measuring Smart Grid Operation and Control
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    Abdelmadjid Recioui, Hamid Bentarzi
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    1 edition
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    November 13, 2020
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    400 pages
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Book Description
Smart grid (SG), also called intelligent grid, is a modern improvement of the traditional power grid that will revolutionize the way electricity is produced, delivered, and consumed. Studying key concepts such as advanced metering infrastructure, distribution management systems, and energy management systems will support the design of a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient supply system, and will create a real-time bidirectional communication means and information exchange between the consumer and the grid operator of electric power.
Optimizing and Measuring Smart Grid Operation and Control is a critical reference source that presents recent research on the operation, control, and optimization of smart grids. Covering topics that include phase measurement units, smart metering, and synchrophasor technologies, this book examines all aspects of modern smart grid measurement and control. It is designed for engineers, researchers, academicians, and students.


Section 1 - Smart Grid and Measurements
Chapter 1. Data and Communication Infrastructure in Smart Grids: State of the Art and Trends
Chapter 2. Role of Smart Metering and Implementation Issues in Smart Grid
Chapter 3. Smart Metering and Pricing Policy in Smart Grids
Chapter 4. PMU Phasor Estimation Using Different Techniques
Chapter 5. Phasor Measurement Improvement Using Digital Filter in a Smart Grid

Section 2 - Management and Control in Smart Grids
Chapter 6. Implementation of Load Control for Smart Metering in Smart Grids
Chapter 7. Decentralized Energy Management System Enhancement for Smart Grid
Chapter 8. Smart Grids and Hybrid Energy Storage Systems: Optimization Techniques Applied in Control Strategies for Hybrid Energy Storage Systems
Chapter 9. PMU Placement Optimization for Fault Observation Using Different Techniques
Chapter 10. Evolution of Islanding Detection Methods for Microgrid Systems

Section 3 - Reliability Studies and Applications
Chapter 11. A Comparative Study of Power Quality Monitoring Using Various Techniques
Chapter 12. Fault Tree-Based Root Cause Analysis Used to Study Mal-Operation of a Protective Relay in a Smart Grid
Chapter 13. Advanced Real-Time Tester for a Smart Power Grid
Chapter 14. Differential Protection Enhancement for Power Transformer
Chapter 15. Application of Synchro-Phasor Measurement Unit in Smart Grid Including Renewable Energy

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