Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects, 4th Edition

Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects, 4th Edition
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    Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects, 4th Edition
  • Author:
    Earl Boysen, Harry Kybett
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    4 edition
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    July 31, 2012
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    576 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
An all-in-one resource on everything electronics-related!
For almost 30 years, this book has been a classic text for electronics enthusiasts. Now completely updated for today's technology, this latest version combines concepts, self-tests, and hands-on projects to offer you a completely repackaged and revised resource. This unique self-teaching guide features easy-to-understand explanations that are presented in a user-friendly format to help you learn the essentials you need to work with electronic circuits.
All you need is a general understanding of electronics concepts such as Ohm's law and current flow, and an acquaintance with first-year algebra. The question-and-answer format, illustrative experiments, and self-tests at the end of each chapter make it easy for you to learn at your own speed.
  • Boasts a companion website that includes more than twenty full-color, step-by-step projects
  • Shares hands-on practice opportunities and conceptual background information to enhance your learning process
  • Targets electronics enthusiasts who already have a basic knowledge of electronics but are interested in learning more about this fascinating topic on their own
  • Features projects that work with the multimeter, breadboard, function generator, oscilloscope, bandpass filter, transistor amplifier, oscillator, rectifier, and more
You're sure to get a charge out of the vast coverage included in Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects!


CHAPTER 1. DC Review and Pre-Test
CHAPTER 2. The Diode
CHAPTER 3. Introduction to the Transistor
CHAPTER 4. The Transistor Switch
CHAPTER 5. AC Pre-Test and Review
CHAPTER 6. Filters
CHAPTER 7. Resonant Circuits
CHAPTER 8. Transistor Amplifiers
CHAPTER 9. Oscillators
CHAPTER 10. The Transformer
CHAPTER 11. Power Supply Circuits
CHAPTER 12. Conclusion and Final Self-Test

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