Advanced Construction Project Management: The Complexity of Megaprojects

Advanced Construction Project Management: The Complexity of Megaprojects
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    Advanced Construction Project Management: The Complexity of Megaprojects
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    Christian Brockmann
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    1 edition
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    December 21, 2020
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    304 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
An essential guide to the structure, dynamics, and management of construction megaprojects
Advanced Construction Project Management is a comprehensive resource that covers the myriad aspects of implementing a megaproject from a contractor’s perspective. With many years’ experience of managing construction megaprojects, the author provides an in-depth exploration of the structure, dynamics and management of these demanding projects. In addition, the book gives all stakeholders a clear understanding of the complexity of megaprojects and offers contractors the insight and essential tools needed for achieving results.
As the trend to plan and implement ever-larger projects looks likely to continue into the future, the need for a guide to understand the challenges of managing a megaproject couldn’t be greater. Comprehensive in scope, the book explores the theoretical background, economics, complexity, phases, strategic planning, engineering, coordination, and common challenges of megaprojects. The book also provides the tools for managing stakeholder integration. This important book:
  • Describes the structure, dynamics and management of megaprojects
  • Explores the management activities required and examines the appropriate tools for the management of megaprojects
  • Includes tools for stakeholder integration
  • Provides an advanced understanding of construction management concepts
Written for managers, project managers and engineers, and cost consultants, Advanced Construction Project Management covers, in one complete volume, the information needed to lead a successful project.


1. Introduction
2. Theoretical Background
3. Advanced Construction Project Management
4. Characteristics of Megaprojects
5. International Construction Management
6. Megaproject Phases and Activity Groups
7. Descriptive Megaproject Management Model
8. Engineering Management
9. Management Functions
10. Meta-Functions
11. Basic Functions
12. Cultural Management
13. Innovation in Construction Megaprojects
14. All in All, What Does It Mean?

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