Make Your Own Algorithmic Art

Make Your Own Algorithmic Art

Book Description
A Gentle Introduction to Creative Coding with P5js.
A fun step-by-step gentle introduction to creating digital art with computers, designed especially for:
  • artists new to coding
  • art, design and digital media students,
  • technologists wanted to explore their creativity
  • teachers and parents seeking more visual and exciting approaches to teaching computer science
Starting from the very basics, we'll learn to:
  • understand how computers create digital images
  • code with a popular computer language designed for artists, called Processing, enabled for the web with p5js
  • develop and appreciate algorithms, mathematical recipes, which can create surprisingly beautiful art
  • easily share your code and art on the web, potentially reaching an audience of billions of internet users
We'll discover and practice basic computer graphics techniques, explore simple algorithms that create interesting visual forms, and work through example projects to experience the process of developing algorithmic art from inspiration, through problem solving, to final refinement.
By the end of the course, you will be coding confidently, appreciating the beauty of mathematics and wanting to explore more advanced ideas and methods.


Part 1 - First Building Blocks
Part 2 - Algorithmic Thinking
Part 3 - More Building Blocks
Part 4 - More Algorithmic Fun
Part 5 - Even More Building Blocks
Part 6 - Even More Algorithmic Adventures

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