Principles of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Principles of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
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    Principles of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
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    Salem Press, Donald Franceschetti
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    December 7, 2018
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    399 pages
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Book Description
Salem Press is pleased to add Principles of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence as the twelfth title in the Principles of series that includes Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Computer Science, Physical Science, Biology, Scientific Research, Sustainability, Biotechnology, Programming & Coding and Climatology. This new resource introduces students and researchers to the fundamentals of robotics and artificial intelligence using easy-to-understand language for a solid background and a deeper understanding and appreciation of this important and evolving subject. All of the entries are arranged in an A to Z order, making it easy to find the topic of interest.

Entries related to basic principles and concepts include the following:

- A Summary that provides brief, concrete summary of the topic and how the entry is organized;
- History and Background, to give context for significant achievements in areas related to robotics and artificial intelligence including mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, and education;
- Text that gives an explanation of the background and significance of the topic to robotics and artificial intelligence by describing developments such as Siri, facial recognition, augmented and virtual reality, and autonomous cars;
- Applications and Products, Impacts, Concerns, and Future to discuss aspects of the entry that can have sweeping impact on our daily lives, including smart devices, homes, and cities; medical devices; security and privacy; and manufacturing;
- Illustrations that clarify difficult concepts via models, diagrams, and charts of such key topics as Combinatrics, Cyberspace, Digital logic, Grammatology, Neural engineering, Interval, Biomimetics; and Soft robotics; and
- Bibliography lists that relate to the entry.

The book includes helpful appendixes as another valuable resource, including the following:

- Time Line of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, tracing the field back to ancient history;
- A. M. Turing Award Winners, recognizing the work of pioneers and innovators in the field of computer science, robotics, and artificial intelligence;
- Glossary;
- General Bibliography and
- Subject Index.


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