Handbook of Research on Advancements in Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering

Handbook of Research on Advancements in Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering
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    Handbook of Research on Advancements in Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering
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    Leonid Burstein
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    August 16, 2020
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    496 pages
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Book Description
Manufacturing, materials, and mechanical engineering (MMME) are the three “pillars”, the three central subjects, of modern industry and advanced science. In these areas, research is constantly being conducted with the purpose of improving, developing and creating new industrial areas, technologies and materials. Academic investigation of these directions has a significant impact on production and technology. The results of the research are published in numerous journals and provide a link between scientists and manufacturers worldwide. Journals with wide range of specializations have a substantial advantage because the reader can reference a single source instead of consulting several narrowly-specialized journals. Among the broad-profile scientific journals, the International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering (IJMMME) stands out and is of interest to professionals in different fields – from aerodynamics, robotics, material science and tribology to bio- and nano-mechanics. Recent studies published in the IJMMME along with some of the latest, unpublished research are selected and presented in this book. The content of all the earlier publications has been updated and enhanced and now covers the latest investigations in the relevant fields. It should also be noted that the investigations presented in this book were carried out in different countries and even on different continents, thus provides a perspective of the directions of interests and presenting promising trends both in the industry of the particular country and in world industry as a whole. Thereby, the book reflects the actual problems and recent advances in the field of MMME and demonstrate the methods and tools applied for real solutions. This opens up opportunities for practical engineers and scientists to resolve various complicated problems that arise in their scientific and industrial fields. The book can also serve as a useful reference for academics, tribology and materials researchers, mechanical, physics and materials engineers and professionals in related industries. Additionally, the materials contained in this book can be used as a tutorial for final undergraduate engineering courses (e.g., mechanics and materials physics) or as a subject on MMME in postgraduate courses.


Chapter 1. Advancements in Manufacturing Technology With Additive Manufacturing and Its Context With Industry 4.0
Chapter 2. IDI Engine With Alternate Fuels
Chapter 3. Simulation Tool for Cable Design
Chapter 4. Biodegradable Acoustic Proficiency in Sound Absorption Capacity After Water Treatment and Testing by Impendence Tube Method: Hot Water and Saline Treatment to Test Acoustic Property
Chapter 5. Evaluating the Influence of Energy Consumption on Process Plan Attributes: Process Plans Indexing Based on Electrical Demand and Energy Consumption
Chapter 6. Effect of Boundary Conditions and Taper Patterns on Geometrically Nonlinear Frequency Response of Axially Graded Beams on Elastic Foundation
Chapter 7. Static and Dynamic Analysis of Deformable Fractal Surface in Contact With Rigid Flat
Chapter 8. Material Selection Considerations for Lightweight Automotive Bodies
Chapter 9. Selection of Suitable Control Parameters for Proper High-Resolution Deposition Performance of E-Jet Microfabrication Process: A Comparative Analysis
Chapter 10. Triple Bottom Line-Focused Optimization of Oblique Turning Processes Based on Hybrid Modeling: A Study Case on AISI 1045 Steel Turning
Chapter 11. Optimization of Seat Frame With Dissimilar Materials for Lightweight Materials
Chapter 12. Simulation of a Hydropneumatic Suspension for Agricultural Working Vehicles
Chapter 13. Stress and Strain Distribution in the Upsetting Process: A Numerical Simulation
Chapter 14. Control Optimisation of Overhead Gantry Cranes via Fuzzy Controllers
Chapter 15. Finite Element Analysis-Based Thermo-Mechanical Performance Study of Heavy Vehicle Medium Duty Transmission Gearbox
Chapter 16. Pulsed Laser Micro-Forming of Thin Sheets
Chapter 17. Additive Manufacturing and Its Need, Role, Applications in the Automotive Industry
Chapter 18. Structure Properties Relationship Studies of Vinyl Ester Hybrid Syntactic Foam
Chapter 19. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Silicon Carbide-Treated Ferritic Stainless Steel Welds

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