A.I. in 2020: A Year writing about Artificial Intelligence

A.I. in 2020: A Year writing about Artificial Intelligence

Book Description
This book is a collection of the best articles I wrote explaining diverse concepts related to artificial intelligence, originally published online during 2020. It will work for anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence and anyone who wants to understand some of the building blocks that form this fascinating technology.

Here, you will find my best articles, updated and revisited, with some more insights, with a suitable format for ebook readers but always maintaining the main feature articles: simplicity.

The content of this ebook results from extensive research, long nights of studies, and some of my best years of work in the field in some prestigious enterprise companies.

You will find here some overviews and some valuable knowledge related to the topics that I write almost daily, inspired by some people and some ideas,

My goal is to share as much as possible through an affordable, simple, and straightforward language, explaining complex topics related to technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analytics, and Autonomous Vehicles, among others.

It was a satisfying adventure, I must say. I received much positive feedback, lots of article views, lots of likes, retweets, and more on social networks and not less, some indications as a top writer, invitations to collaborate in some prestigious online publications. All this is truly motivating.

Life is complicated enough. Every time someone tries to simplify concepts and knowledge useful to humanity, I believe this is an essential contribution to inclusiveness and equity.

This book is not intended to exhaust all the learning needs of those wishing to enter the AI world. It is a starting point composed of some “scattered notes” that will help you put together some valuable pieces of technology's great mosaic.

The articles presented here are very beneficial to provide you a reasonable introduction to some of the most important concepts that many of us face daily. They also will give you some pointers on how to go beyond the first step in search of much more. Just as Dante suggested:

“You were not meant to live as ugly, but to seek virtue and knowledge.”


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