Linux Essentials for Cybersecurity Lab Manual

Linux Essentials for Cybersecurity Lab Manual

Book Description
Over 75 labs will accompany the textbook developed to be used within the Pearson IT Cybersecurity Curriculum (ITCC).  Course 4: Linux Fundamentals for Cybersecurity, which introduces fundamental Linux concepts from proper set-up installation through administration of accounts, devices, services, processes, and functions. This course also covers basic scripting taught to understand tools for Penetration Testing and cybersecurity threat detection.


Part I - Introducing Linux
CHAPTER 1. Distributions and Key Components
CHAPTER 2. Working on the Command Line
CHAPTER 3. Getting Help
CHAPTER 4. Editing Files
CHAPTER 5. When Things Go Wrong

Part II - User and Group Accounts
CHAPTER 6. Managing Group Accounts
CHAPTER 7. Managing User Accounts
CHAPTER 8. Develop an Account Security Policy

Part III - File and Data Storage
CHAPTER 9. File Permissions
CHAPTER 10. Manage Local Storage: Essentials
CHAPTER 11. Manage Local Storage: Advanced Features
CHAPTER 12. Manage Network Storage
CHAPTER 13. Develop a Storage Security Policy

Part IV - Automation
CHAPTER 14. Crontab and At
CHAPTER 15. Scripting
CHAPTER 16. Common Automation Tasks
CHAPTER 17. Develop an Automation Security Policy

Part V - Networking
CHAPTER 18. Networking Basics
CHAPTER 19. Network Confi guration
CHAPTER 20. Network Service Confi guration: Essential Services
CHAPTER 21. Network Service Confi guration: Web Services
CHAPTER 22. Connecting to Remote Systems
CHAPTER 23. Develop a Network Security Policy

Part VI - Process and Log Administration
CHAPTER 24. Process Control
CHAPTER 25. System Logging

Part VII - Software Management
CHAPTER 26. Red Hat-Based Software Management
CHAPTER 27. Debian-Based Software Management
CHAPTER 28. System Booting
CHAPTER 29. Develop a Software Management Security Policy

Part VIII - Security Tasks
CHAPTER 30. Footprinting
CHAPTER 31. Firewalls
CHAPTER 32. Intrusion Detection
CHAPTER 33. Additional Security Tasks

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