Blockchain Economics: Implications of Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain Economics: Implications of Distributed Ledgers
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    Blockchain Economics: Implications of Distributed Ledgers: Markets, Communications Networks, and Algorithmic Reality
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    Melanie Swan, Jason Potts, Soichiro Takagi
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    January 22, 2019
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    318 pages
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Book Description
This practical introduction explains the field of Blockchain Economics, the economic models emerging with the implementation of distributed ledger technology. These models are characterized by three factors: open platform business models, cryptotoken money supplies, and Initial Coin Offerings as a new and official form of financing. The book covers a variety of approaches from a business and academic perspective, ranging from financial theory, complexity, and open innovation networks to behavioral economics, self-determination theory, public policy, and financial inclusion.
Unlike existing titles, this book draws on worldwide blockchain industry experts to define the new discipline of Blockchain Economics and provide novel theoretical and conceptual resources for the future of this fast-developing economy. The primer also highlights the wider theme of blockchain as an institutional technology, in that many value transfer interactions might be shifted to automated networks, decreasing the number of human-operated institutions.
As well as stimulating further research, and implementation by business innovators and public policy strategists, the book can also be used as a foundational textbook in courses on Blockchain Economics.


Part 1 Economic Theory and Market Structure 
Chapter 1. Blockchain Economic Theory: Digital Asset Contracting Reduces Debt and Risk
Chapter 2. Does Blockchain “Decentralize” Everything?: An Insight from Organizational Economics
Chapter 3. The Blockchain Antidote to Monopolization

Part 2 Blockchain Economic Open Network Innovation
Chapter 4. Financing Small & Medium Enterprises with Blockchain: An Exploratory Research of Stakeholders' Attitudes
Chapter 5. Blockchains for Accelerating Open Innovation Systems for Sustainability Transitions

Part 3 Social Science and Behavioral Economics
Chapter 6. Blockchain and the Future of Work: A Self-Determination Theory Approach
Chapter 7. How Value is Created in Tokenized Assets

Part 4 Financial Theory and Complexity Science
Chapter 8. Consensus Algorithms: A Matter of Complexity?
Chapter 9. Blockchain Theory of Programmable Risk: Black Swan Smart Contracts

Part 5 Policy, Regulation, and Incentives
Chapter 10. Entrepreneurial Exit: Developing the Cryptoeconomy
Chapter 11. Towards Crypto-friendly Public Policy

Part 6 Income Inequality and Economic Inclusion
Chapter 12. The Implications of Blockchain for Income Inequality
Chapter 13. The Mesh Economy: How Blockchain and Alternative Networks can Bridge the Digital Divide and Facilitate Economic Inclusion

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