X Games in Mathematics: Sports Training That Counts!

X Games in Mathematics: Sports Training That Counts!
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    X Games in Mathematics: Sports Training That Counts!
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    Timothy P Chartier
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    January 11, 2021
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    252 pages
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Book Description
Sports analytics has gathered tremendous momentum as one of the most dynamic fields. Diving deep into the numbers of sports can be game changing or simply a fun exercise for fans. How do you get in the game with numbers? What questions can be explored? What actionable insights can be gleaned? Do you like sports? This book will detail ways to analyze athletics to gain insight that can otherwise be obscured. Like math? You'll find many mathematical topics not involving sports. You'll also see how sports analytics can train you broadly in mathematics.From coaching at the highest levels to national media broadcasts, analytics are becoming increasingly indispensable. Dive into the numbers behind soccer to basketball to baseball to boxing to swimming, dive into the numbers. Learn how to get in the game with sports and mathematics.


Chapter 1. Game On!
Chapter 2. Trick Plays
Chapter 3. Finding Hall of Famers
Chapter 4. Fan Excitement
Chapter 5. Predicting the Future
Chapter 6. Your Number One
Chapter 7. Pigeonholing an Athlete 7
Chapter 8. Being Average
Chapter 9. Games of Chance
Chapter 10. Sporting Lessons
Chapter 11. Thinking in Angles
Chapter 12. Calculus—Just Do It!
Chapter 13. Passing Secret Notes
Chapter 14. Measuring the Probable
Chapter 15. Robot Reporters
Chapter 16. It’s Only a Game
Chapter 17. Playing in a Higher Dimension
Chapter 18. Tied in Knots
Chapter 19. More Sporting Lessons
Chapter 20. Getting in the Game

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