Fundamentals of Communications and Networking

Fundamentals of Communications and Networking
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    Fundamentals of Communications and Networking
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    Michael G. Solomon, David Kim, Jeffrey L. Carrell
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    3 edition
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    December 15, 2020
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    550 pages
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Book Description
Today's networks are required to support an increasing array of real-time communication methods. Video chat and live resources put demands on networks that were previously unimagined. Written to be accessible to all, Fundamentals of Communications and Networking, Third Edition helps readers better understand today's networks and the way they support the evolving requirements of different types of organizations. While displaying technical depth, this new edition presents an evolutionary perspective of data networking from the early years to the local area networking boom, to advanced IP data networks that support multimedia and real-time applications. The Third Edition is loaded with real-world examples, network designs, and network scenarios that provide the reader with a wealth of data networking information and practical implementation tips.

Key Features of the third Edition:
- Introduces network basics by describing how networks work
- Discusses how networks support the increasing demands of advanced communications
- Illustrates how to map the right technology to an organization's needs and business goals
- Outlines how businesses use networks to solve business problems, both technically and operationally.


CHAPTER 1. Evolution of Communication Technologies
CHAPTER 2. Solving Today’s Business Communication Challenges
CHAPTER 3. Circuit-Switched, Packet-Switched, and IP-Based Communications
CHAPTER 4. The Physical and Data Link Layers
CHAPTER 5. The Network and Transport Layers
CHAPTER 6. The Session, Presentation, and Application Layers
CHAPTER 7. Layer 2 Networking
CHAPTER 8. Layer 3 Networking
CHAPTER 9. Network Infrastructure Implementations
CHAPTER 10. Wireless Networks
CHAPTER 11. Wide Area Networks
CHAPTER 12. Network Operations and Management
CHAPTER 13. Network Auditing, Monitoring, and Incident Response
CHAPTER 14. Network Security
CHAPTER 15. Network Troubleshooting

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