Photoshop Elements 9 In Simple Steps

Photoshop Elements 9 In Simple Steps
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    Photoshop Elements 9 In Simple Steps
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    Ken Bluttman
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    1 edition
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    January 13, 2011
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    240 pages
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Book Description
Photoshop Elements serves two general functions: organising photographs and editing photographs. Each of these functional areas has a lot of power to perform the relevant tasks. Before any of this can happen, though, you need to get the photographs into the program!
The Organizer is the half of this dual-purpose program that organises, catalogues, lets you add captions and ratings, and much more. The method for getting photographs in is much more robust in the Organizer. This chapter therefore shows how to gather up your snapshots and bring them into the Organizer. Rather than confuse the issue as to where photographs are actually kept, the terms used here about getting the photographs into the Organizer are a figure of speech. The actual image files themselves do not reside in the program. They reside on the hard disk of your computer, or on a CD/DVD, memory card or anywhere else that files are generally kept. It’s their representation and presentation that are handled in the Organizer.


1. Getting your photographs into Photoshop Elements
2. Working with the Organizer
3. Working with the Editor
4. Adjusting colour, contrast and lighting
5. Creating and using selections
6. Cropping, resizing, rotating, flipping and zooming
7. Layers
8. Working with shapes
9. Drawing, patterns and gradients
10. Working with type
11. Enhancing your photographs with blur and sharpen techniques
12. Repairing images
13. Saving, printing, sending and sharing

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